Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yet another celebrity sighting!

I don't know how Betsy finds them.

I love it here!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DIY curious? Why yes, I am

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to audit Andy Kane's screen printing class. It was a last minute surprise and I was so excited to attend. The class was held at Jordan's studio on Valencia.
Andy is a professional teacher by day and a crafty son of a gun by night. When we were neighbors he was always bringing us breads, yogurts and occasional cheese that he made. Also, he has an extensive collection of tools so if you ever needed anything for a job, he had it. I often called him Coach Kane when he was helping me with various projects.

The first thing we did after a quick lecture was to go ahead and build a frame for the screen. You can get these pre-made at art stores but they often run about $35-$40 which is kind of expensive. Andy showed us how to make one for about $5.
First you have to build a frame.
Here is Jordan drilling a hole to attach the ends together.

As the title of the class suggests, you do it yourself. Never worked with a router? Now is your chance.
The next step was for Andy to show us how to build a base for our frame. The beauty of DIY is once you have the basic supplies you can custom make frames and bases to fit your specific project. Need to screen print a poster? Make a bigger frame and base!

The next step in the process is to stretch the screen. Andy uses the spline method.
You soak the screen in water for a few moments.
Then using a spline tool, you stretch the screen working from one corner out.
Once your done and it dries you have a very tight screen.
Everyone had to make their own.
We then talked about design and the different ways to transfer an image to your screen.
The next step in the process is the photo emulsion step. This is the somewhat light sensitive part and I think the most fun part of the process. It reminds me of my black and white photo days.
After exposure to the light we watched how Andy cleans the screen to get it ready to print.
The next stage is the printing stage. Not only do you have to line up your image on the article clothing (in this case a tote bag), but if your registering colors, you have to realign the screen. I think this will be the most nerve wracking part of the process.
Once you are ready to go and are all aligned its time to print. One needs to work fast or the paint may dry. The first step is to place paint on the screen.
Then you lift the frame off the bag and drag your squeegee down the screen to load the ink
Then you carefully lower the screen and drag it back using even pressure
and Presto! A print.
We all were able to print our own bag!
The class was awesome. Not only do I have a new tote bag for Betsy's lunch or the grocery store but I have my own screen to work with. I am so excited that I know how to screen print and can't wait to get started.
Andy is teaching another class later this month and may do another one in July. If you need any information please email him at
Thanks Coach.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Betsy took off this morning on a work trip to Hawaii. I am going to fly out on Thursday morning to keep her company and would have left today if it wasn't for this pesky summer course. She arrived safely and was able to check in to the hotel early. Also we have a Hyundai Elantra for a rental car!

There is a 3 hour time difference and as I was cooking some leftovers I heard my phone buzz alerting me that I had a new email message. This is what I found.

Dude... its Hurley!

You may remember that Betsy is friends with several celebrities. I guess Betsy runs into all sorts of famous people when we go on vacation. I am so jealous that I wasn't there. Lost is my favorite television show, the only show I care about. Dang, I wish I was there.

This trip is already off to a good start.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I had the silly little idea to ask friends and family to take pictures of themselves holding a sign saying “Happy Birthday Steve!” and then emailing me the pic so I could post it on our blog for Steve's birthday today. Well, the little idea became a big one! I should have known our creative clan would take this challenge and run with it! Happy Birthday honey and enjoy all your birthday wishes!

(Remember to click on the pics to enlarge and get a closer look! Also, if you sent me a pic and it's not posted, it's a complete accident. Last night I started to worry that I may miss someone since there were so many. If you don't see yours, email me asap and I'll make sure it gets up. I think I have them all though.)

Of course our families helped the cause…

Mom & Dad Santos
Joanne & Todd

Ryan, Suzy, Allie & Nala
Mom & Dad Heywood (and Jack Black and Michael Cera)
Jacob, Emma & Sophie (I like that the sign is down Jake's pants)

The pig chef that lives on the counter at my parent's house
Jim, Linda & Ethan
Kim, Jarod & Kevin

Lucy (of Death Scab for Scootie Fame)

And our friends came through big time!
Friends near...

Our old neighbors Andy, Emily & Sadie

I should have bet money that Andy would take this opportunity to get naked.Liz McMillan
Jeremy McMillan

Alex, Heather & Ella (who lovingly likes to call Steve "caca")
Nate, Courtney & Wednesday

Robyn (4-part series)

Shawn using some sort of nerdy internet acronym.

Aisley representing the Brian & Preston household
Judy & Amy
Moses representing the Ferney Fam
Annabelle representing the Aller Fam

Juliann & Brant
Lindsay & Justin
Thad (aka Tank) representing the Campbell Fam
The Elliotts
Chunk representing the Fitch Fam
Allie & Bradley
Rebecca & Derek
The Knell'sRich & Doug

And friends far...

Leslie & Keith from Los Angeles!!!
Doug from Salt Lake City!!!
The Bybee's from London!!!
Dan Fife, his nieces & nephew from LA!!!
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3
Take 4
Dan's nephew was very impressed that Steve surfs.
Dave from Culver City!!!
Emily from Salt Lake City!!!
Katie from Boston!!!
Michelle & her man from Philly!!! (you look so regal in that wig Misell!)
Lee from Salt Lake City!!!
Seth from somewhere on some ship in some ocean!!!
Wayne from Portland!!! (Wayne wanted you to know that this card cost him $20,000)
Greg & Judy from Salt Lake City!!!
Kersten (pronounced CARE-sten) and Tai (in spirit) from my bedroom Saturday night when Steve wasn't looking but actually from Salt Lake City!!!
Linny from Germany!!!
Patty from Germany!!!
Cooper from Germany!!!
Naomi & Fraser from Australia!!!
Lindsay from Seattle!!! (Scotch tape. Headlamps. Nice touch.)
Danny from Provo!!!
Bonnie from Manhattan!!!
And me. From San Francisco. Happy birthday honey! I love you!!!