Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Two big changes.

We did it! This past weekend, with the help of my super car savvy brother John, and thanks to Steve's major accident in the Maxima, we bought a new car! Neither of us has ever owned a brand new car and yes, we're nervous to park our shiny new toy on the mean streets of San Francisco but we got a great deal on an '08 Hyundai Elantra and we're really excited!
Things we love about the car:
1) Cute car!
2) Look cute in car!
3) #1 Safety rating in it's class (full curtain airbags and stability control)
4) Power everything!
5) The color is called "Regatta Blue"
6) Fantastic gas mileage
7) 10 Year/100,000 mile warranty (what? seriously.)

Like I mentioned, my brother John helped us with the car search for a solid couple of weeks. John is that guy. That guy that loves the hunt for a good deal. That guy that loves to haggle because he knows pretty much everything there is to know about cars so no one can really jerk him around. He's the guy that isn't afraid of having those tough with car salespeople. And we love him for it!

We got to spend the morning visiting John, his wife Kim and their cute boys Jarod and Kevin.
After the visit with the fam we went and closed the deal on our new car! Buying a car takes a long time and I mostly felt like this.
And Steve mostly felt like this.
Even though the process was long, I was happy to have the keys to my new wheels!

We're moving! Not to another state or another country. Not even another city. We're leaving our SOMA loft and heading west to the Inner Sunset. As much as we've loved SOMA living (mainly because we live two doors down from our great friends Andy, Emily and their baby Sadie), we decided to look for a place in an area with a more "neighborhoody" vibe. The change will be bittersweet but we're ready to make it. More to come on the move!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Holiday posts are so passé by January 18th

But here is mine anyway...
We flew to UT for...

Christmas Eve Nativity Story acted out by Steve, my mom and Jacob...
Christmas morning...
Homemade scarves... Dance parties...Comfy chairs...
Dinner at Rodizio's...
Temple Square lights...
Hot cocoa club...
Dinner at my brother-in-law's restaurant, Pizzeria 712...

Tearful goodbyes (well, except for Allie), not because Steve & I are leaving but because Uncle Matt is leaving...
Airport pickups in the Kessler's Civic. Dang that giant hybrid battery in the trunk!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Back in school

Something has been missing from my life since August.


I know, I know, I'm crazy, but this time I decided to register as an art/photo student. I am taking a beginning photoshop class on Wednesday nights. I am so excited to use my computer for more than just word processing, data entry and inter-netting.

Our first day was this week and I was relieved that I was not the oldest one in the class. I was on the waiting list and wasn't sure I was going to get in. No problems. All I need now is the software for my computer and I will be set.

I love to learn!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Before Steve and I left town to spend Christmas in Utah, we had a holiday dinner with the McMillan's at our favorite restaurant in all the land...Pluto's. The McMillan's are so lucky because they live within walking distance of Pluto's!
The best part about Pluto's is that you take one of these cute little paper menus when you arrive. It's so convenient and clever.
Then you walk right up to the "chef" and tell him what you want on your salad. At this very moment Liz is asking for extra beets!
The food at Pluto's is so fantastic the McMillan's couldn't stop eating for even a second so I could take a picture of them.
Steve only wears his fanciest shirt to Pluto's out of respect.
As if you needed another reason to love Pluto's...bottomless soda!
After our meal we walked back to the McMillan's to indulge a little more on some leftover desserts they had in the fridge. The blueberry cheesecake was amazing and the tres leches cake was over the top. Both Steve and Jeremy did their Mexican heritage proud and enjoyed a piece of tres leches no problem. Liz and I did not fare so well and stuck to the cheesecake (the "lighter" of the two options if you can believe that).
All in all a perfect night of cuisine and friendship.