Sunday, April 27, 2008


No, not burgers, cement slides made for kids hidden between two houses here in San Francisco. We spent the afternoon on Saturday risking our lives on these with Liz, Jeremy and Bradley. Then Allie joined us for hot dogs at Underdog on Irving. This wins for best April Saturday.
Check out our video!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


On Friday Betsy and I were catching up on some Office before we met some friends for dinner. All of the sudden we heard this crazy commotion outside. The noise sounded like a loud car stereo. The Giants were in town and our neighborhood was already noisy but when I stuck my head out the window I saw the commotion was critical mass.

There were bikes everywhere! They stormed thorough South Park and took over the entire circle. I was so glad I wasn't from out of town on my way to the game. Look at this poor motorist surrounded by all those bikes.
As with any good protest the cops were involved.
The cops ride their bikes and follow the protest in case there is violence. You know, violence that accompanies non-violent protest these days. The only violence we saw was an upset motorist laying on their horn.
I have always wanted to do the critical mass. I think it would be fun to ride around the city with a police escort. Riding a bike or scooter can be dangerous in the city because drivers don't pay attention or don't even see you. It would be fun to ride a bike in the city without having to worry about traffic!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Is this becoming a food blog? So be it.

I'm totally 100% absolutely completely in love with grapefruit.

It started a few months ago. I bought the most delicious grapefruit from Safeway and have eaten one just about every day since then. And I show no signs of slowing. To support my habit these days I have to buy them in bulk from Costco. I'm not sure what it is...I think it's the process of meticulously preparing them and then sprinkling them with Splenda. It's a healthy treat that I actually crave more than traditional "bad for you snacks." I think I must have food OCD. I do this...get really into one particular thing and then that's all I ever want.

I've done this with the following items:
1) Grapefruit
2) Thomas' Light Multi Grain English Muffins (AKA Muffs)
3) Udon noodle soup from Tomo Cafe in the basement of my work building
4) Fruit/Nut Energy Bar things from Whole Foods
5) Salt & Pepper flavored brown rice cakes
6) Spaghettios

I think what I'm trying to say is, I'm a freak.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Betsy and I like to make our own pizza at home. We have a pizza stone and everything! We get pizza dough from Trader Joes. They have a few different varieties but our favorite is the whole wheat.
I used to work at a pizzeria so I know what I am doing. I even throw the dough up in the air! One rule of pizza making is to not use too many toppings. Betsy doesn't believe in this rule.

we have mushrooms, salami, olives, garlic, and artichoke hearts.
Seriously, if I didn't stop her she would have put this doughnut on the pie.
The pizza was so tasty. I recommend getting some pizza dough next time you are in Trader Joes. $1.29 well spent.

Here's a secret. This is what Betsy likes to do after dinner.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I moved into our SOMA loft last October and Steve followed once we were married in November. Point being, we've never lived in SOMA during the summer months...the months when the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building is really going crazy with deliciousness and beauty. Last Saturday we woke up early and walked to Coit Tower and then back home along the Embarcadero. We made a quick stop at the Farmers Market for Breakfast Sandwiches and flowers. The sandwiches were a hit as usual but I couldn't decide what flowers to buy. I ended up taking a chance on a $5 bunch of rhinoculous flowers. I was worried though because they were sort of closed up and weed looking with stems going haywire in every direction. I'm happy to report that it was $5 well spent. Look how cute they've gotten! I love the loopy, crazy, all over the place stems! Steve told me I shouldn't call them rhinos but rather their proper name: Ranunculaceae family, Anemone genus. He didn't know the species because apparently it's a cultivar? What?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Utah Weekend

Our Utah weekend was full of family and lots and lots of driving. So much driving we felt like this a lot of the time.

My dad knows how to handle the long drives.

Along with lots of driving there was also lots of snow. What? I know. Snow.

Here Allie is modeling the latest springtime Utah fashions.

We did have a blast hanging out with everyone though and we were able to attend Emma's baptism (she's on the left).

Emma got to pick the restaurant we all ate lunch at. Did we go to her dad's new restaurant? Nope. We went to every eight-year-olds dream lunch spot. Chuck-a-Rama.

We also ran into Lucy who looks nice and fluffy once again.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Airport Party

Have you heard all the news about airline delays and bankruptcy? Well last week on our vacation to Utah our plane was delayed. We were booked on Jet Blue from SFO and since this is a new service there is only one plane per day. Our plane was delayed 3 hours. Three hours! No notice, no warning, nothing. It was very frustrating. Luckily our friends Preston and Matt were on the same flight so time passed quickly. All of our SLC dinner plans were canceled.

Since there is only one Jet Blue flight we were able to see our plane come into the airport. For some reason the plane just sat there on the runway for 15 minutes.
Morale was low...
Planes were going in front of ours. Come on Jet Blue, this is San Francisco. Be aggressive.

Three hours late, we made it to Salt Lake City! We were tired and hungry and frustrated but were glad to be there.
Betsy will follow up with trip pictures I'm sure.