Saturday, April 26, 2008


On Friday Betsy and I were catching up on some Office before we met some friends for dinner. All of the sudden we heard this crazy commotion outside. The noise sounded like a loud car stereo. The Giants were in town and our neighborhood was already noisy but when I stuck my head out the window I saw the commotion was critical mass.

There were bikes everywhere! They stormed thorough South Park and took over the entire circle. I was so glad I wasn't from out of town on my way to the game. Look at this poor motorist surrounded by all those bikes.
As with any good protest the cops were involved.
The cops ride their bikes and follow the protest in case there is violence. You know, violence that accompanies non-violent protest these days. The only violence we saw was an upset motorist laying on their horn.
I have always wanted to do the critical mass. I think it would be fun to ride around the city with a police escort. Riding a bike or scooter can be dangerous in the city because drivers don't pay attention or don't even see you. It would be fun to ride a bike in the city without having to worry about traffic!


Alice said...

Derek and I did that once. It was AWESOME! Check it out during in Oct...everyone will be decked out in Halloween gear. It's a hoot...and some people have the coolest bikes.

Erica said...

hmmm, i remember my first critical mass experience. a great run in w/ trolley tracks on a bike really tears up a knee. hmmm, yeah, i remember...not too fondly.

Lizzy said...

You guys should come with us to do the Halloween Critical Mass! So fun! We've gone the past 2 years. Everyone dresses up...or forgets to dress.