Thursday, July 30, 2009

The end of Federal

On Thursday, we said goodbye to the Kane's. The Kane's were our old neighbors when we lived in the loft on Federal Street. In fact, it was their apartment we took over. The Kane's are moving up to the Great Wet North (Oregon) to become farmers. We are sad to see them go.
Since the Kane's have left we don't have a tie to our old building or the Mendoza Parking space we always parked in during the weekends.
So as an homage to our old hood (and to the Kanes), we decided to do our old Coit Tower walk. Betsy got me up super early on Saturday and we drove over to Federal and parked in our usual spot. The weather was a bit brisk but we were excited about our goal. Breakfast sammies at the Ferry building!

As you can see, Betsy is very excited!
It was fun to walk our old route and visit all our old haunts. I hope we can still visit from time to time.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pizza revisited

Last weekend we decided to try and replicate a pizza we had at Cheeseboard in Berkeley using our favorite world famous Trader Joes's pizza dough. We decided to us heirloom tomatoes, pesto, parsley, and garlic. Betsy likes to add tons and tons of toppings to our homemade pizzas and I am constantly trying to edit her choices! Less is more when it comes to pizza toppings.
Cooked it fast and super hot at 550 degrees on our pizza stone and it was perfect. We added parsley and a bit of lemon zest after the pizza was baked. Our best homemade effort to date!

Monday, July 20, 2009

4th of July Madness

We've been talking with the McMillan's for ages about going to Jeremy's parent's house down in the Monterey area for a night sometime to hang out...look at all the fields of produce along the roads...spend some time at the know, all the good stuff. We took off late Friday afternoon and headed down to Santa Cruz. The boys did a quick towel change before heading into the freezing water as the sun was starting to set. My very own Aquaman!

Liz and I sat up on a cliff near this lovely sign
And watched Jeremy & Steve out in the waves. I was not jealous of them. Not even a little bit. After the sweet surf sesh, we went to Pizza My Heart in Capitola. Liz is a fan of their mushroom only pizza. She almost started crying when there wasn't one ready so they made one for her right quick.
We got to Jeremy's house late so went right to bed. The next morning we went to Carmel Beach so the boys could body surf.
Then we made our way back to Casa de McMillan where Glenn and Kath were working on the most most amazing spread of delicious 4th of July goodness. They just recently had their backyard renovated and it's now an oasis of BBQ-entertaining madness.
The traditional 4th of July themed Jell-O dessert. Also, you might not have noticed, but that's Steve's festive BBQ outfit.
Turns out, I love ribs!
The Oasis (which is, no joke, nicer than most indoor kitchens I've seen).
Sampling the ribs.
Sampling the corn on the cob.
Sampling the artichokes (which Liz & Jeremy saved from imminent death).
Glenn & Kath recently purchased a Big Green Egg BBQ. It's rather strange but produces delicious end product. Here Liz is modeling her big egg next to the Big Green Egg.
Here's Steve's baby. His perfectly roasted s'more (pronounced smore, not suh-more).
My favorite picture of the entire weekend.
Go for it honey. Please note Liz in the background.
Satisfaction! Look at those cheeks!
This is a little clip I like to call "Liz and Steve think they are posing for a picture but Betsy is actually filming a movie."

Thanks Liz & Jer for such a fun weekend w/the family! Anytime Glenn wants to try out new BBQ recipes, we're there!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday Walk!

Yesterday before seeing Harry Potter, we went for a walk to Turtle Hill. The hill is a few steep blocks away from our house and you have to walk a series of stairs and hills to get to the top. Once at the top you're usually treated to a spetacular view.
Not so much this windy and cold Saturday morning. The fog was so thick that we couldn't see a thing!

Harry Potter

Betsy and I saw this favorite movie yet! I can't wait
for the next!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Walk...walk...walk...walk...keep walking...

Yesterday I decided it would be a good idea to walk home from work. Steve and I are on a serious health/exercise kick lately. I'm so neurotic I hate that I sit on the bus for 40 minutes after work, get home at 6pm, then have to turn right around and go back out to walk or jog for an hour. Must maximize every precious minute of my day!

So I work at 1st and Market and live out in the Inner Sunset and it took me 1 hour, 25 minutes to get home. And my back was sweaty from carrying a backpack. But I made it. Secretly I was hoping it would only take an hour or so and then maybe I'd do it every day but nearly an hour and a half is kinda long.

And that's my story of the day. No pictures necessary because they would just be of me, sweaty, looking gross with my backpack.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Park City 2009

I figure most of you read this blog in the hopes that you'll get a random update about Lucy. She's famous. And also famous here. And she is getting old. Oh but I love her with all my heart...she really is the best cat ever. When we arrived in Utah I found Lucy lounging in my parents bedroom and noticed she had a fairly odd haircut happening. Apparently my dad did it himself. No matter what he says, I know he loves this cat.

She totally loves it when I hold her like this.
She's as tiny as a mouse!After a night at my parents house we set out for Park City. Park City is beautiful. I promise. This year it was especially breathtaking because it had been raining all of May and early June so it was green and lush and lovely. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the beauty that is Park City but I do have a lot of wacky photos of Allie (which is fine since Allie = cutie pie). Blueberry Slurpee?
Allie with Uncle Steve on our walk back to our condo after a quick stop for some ice cream. I told them both to make crazy faces. Way to go Steve. Wacky!!!
One of the main attractions in Park City is the summer fun at the Park City Resort. Namely the Alpine Slide, the Zip Line and my personal favorite, the Alpine Coaster. Unfortunately this is the only picture I took of the mountain.
But I do have this picture of Allie & Suzy post Tiger's Blood flavored Shave Ice.

Here's Emma, Jake and me enjoying our shave ice. My flavor of choice was Tiger's Blood mixed with coconut. The other main attraction in Park City is the delicious food. My mom & dad made the most delicious flank steak. We ate all of it.

And when we weren't eating at the condo, we were eating at a restaurant. My parents were so great and treated all one million of us to Red Rock one evening.
Jen & me.Matt & EricSuzy & RyanJen, Kim & Kiara
Cutest Jarod.John & Kevin.
Dad & Mom.
Most of the McRae clan (Jake, Joseph, Sophie and Jen).
Ryan & Jim (I told Ryan to look like he was having an awesome time).
Matt, Eric & Linda
And after 5 fun-filled days, what could turn adorable Emma...
Into this teary-eyed little girl? Why Auntie Betsy & Uncle Steve were about to fly home to SF of course. This is true love folks (I love you too Emma!!)
Thanks mom & dad for organizing such a fun trip again this year! We had a great time and we love you!!!