Monday, July 20, 2009

4th of July Madness

We've been talking with the McMillan's for ages about going to Jeremy's parent's house down in the Monterey area for a night sometime to hang out...look at all the fields of produce along the roads...spend some time at the know, all the good stuff. We took off late Friday afternoon and headed down to Santa Cruz. The boys did a quick towel change before heading into the freezing water as the sun was starting to set. My very own Aquaman!

Liz and I sat up on a cliff near this lovely sign
And watched Jeremy & Steve out in the waves. I was not jealous of them. Not even a little bit. After the sweet surf sesh, we went to Pizza My Heart in Capitola. Liz is a fan of their mushroom only pizza. She almost started crying when there wasn't one ready so they made one for her right quick.
We got to Jeremy's house late so went right to bed. The next morning we went to Carmel Beach so the boys could body surf.
Then we made our way back to Casa de McMillan where Glenn and Kath were working on the most most amazing spread of delicious 4th of July goodness. They just recently had their backyard renovated and it's now an oasis of BBQ-entertaining madness.
The traditional 4th of July themed Jell-O dessert. Also, you might not have noticed, but that's Steve's festive BBQ outfit.
Turns out, I love ribs!
The Oasis (which is, no joke, nicer than most indoor kitchens I've seen).
Sampling the ribs.
Sampling the corn on the cob.
Sampling the artichokes (which Liz & Jeremy saved from imminent death).
Glenn & Kath recently purchased a Big Green Egg BBQ. It's rather strange but produces delicious end product. Here Liz is modeling her big egg next to the Big Green Egg.
Here's Steve's baby. His perfectly roasted s'more (pronounced smore, not suh-more).
My favorite picture of the entire weekend.
Go for it honey. Please note Liz in the background.
Satisfaction! Look at those cheeks!
This is a little clip I like to call "Liz and Steve think they are posing for a picture but Betsy is actually filming a movie."

Thanks Liz & Jer for such a fun weekend w/the family! Anytime Glenn wants to try out new BBQ recipes, we're there!


Steve said...

I want a smore right now!!!

julia said...

mmm, i want a smore too. that looks fun, and i want their outdoor kitchen. talk about fancy. am i going to see you at the shower in aug?

Ems said...

Hey I've been to that very Pizza My Heart! I love that whole coastal region...the weekend looked lovely.

Betsy said...

Julia yes! I'll definitely be at your shower and need to officially call and RSVP. Can't wait!

Suzy said...

looks like a fun trip! I love the aquaman suit. And I want that Jello recipe!

Lizzy said...

I'm so glad that everyone gets to see my rad personality from that movie. Thanks, Betsy.