Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ladies Man

Charlie: Hi, My name is Charlie. You new here?
Holland: Yep. I was born last week.
Charlie: Why don't you slip into something more comfortable?
Holland: Ok.
Charlie: Nice Onesie! You look great.
Holland: Thanks Charlie.
Charlie: So, when are we going to go out? I'm free this Friday.
Holland: Um, I just googled you on my mommy's phone, I know about Berkeley...
Charlie: Wait? What? You mean where my crib is at?
Holland: No... your other baby Friend. Wahahahah!
Charlie: Oh, I was going to tell you about her...
Holland: How can you do this to me Charlie?
Charlie: Look at me, I'm handsome! Am I right ladies? GTL!
Holland: Remember how you have no tan? You're a jerk Charlie.
Charlie: Holland, I'm sorry. I really am. Berkeley is cool but she's been hanging out with this guy Finn.
Holland: Whatever.
Charlie: Look, take this foot rub as a token of my friendship. I mean, we can't really date yet anyway. You can't hold your head up and I can't even walk.
Holland: I guess we can get to know each other. We'll see what happens.
Charlie: Sounds good to me.
Holland: Don't forget about the other foot.
Charlie: It was great to meet you Holland. Your parents are cool and I like your crib.
Holland: Hope to see you soon. Call me.
Thanks for letting us come over Pat and Lindsay! Holland is adorable. Congratulations.