Thursday, May 28, 2009

Photoshop final

Last Wednesday I had my Photoshop final. Our assignment was to take a self portrait and insert ourselves into a photo of a place you have always wanted to go to. I have always wanted to hang out with a world leader so this is what I came up with.
I was pretty happy with the results but the lighting was very different in my living room so that was off. I tried to dodge and burn it to match the color of the room. I hope I got an A.
I also made a floating head of me for Betsy's phone from our trip to mexico last year.

She liked this shot better.

I love working with photoshop and have learned much from this class. Community college rocks!
I do wish I had one of these to help me make selections though...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Scary Berries

Yesterday I discovered that I don't love fresh blackberries. No other fruit creeps me out quite like they do. Steve, who I love for making me lunch each day, packed me a tupperware full of strawberries and blackberries yesterday. When I decided I needed a snack I pulled them out and began eating. Without realizing it, I ate all the strawberries first. I was left with a bowl of these:

I'm not quite sure why but sitting in my office, staring at the bowl of blackberries I decided I didn't want them. And in fact, they were grossing me out. I think maybe it's because they remind me of bumble bee butts...

Or this rhinoceros beetle:

Or this...

Or this...

You get the idea. I Skyped Steve once I decided I was anti-blackberries and our conversation went like this:

Betsy Santos says: blackberries scare me
Steven Santos says: why????
Betsy Santos says: something about them makes me feel like i'm eating an insect
Betsy Santos says: i don't know
Betsy Santos says: they are just weird and bubble-like
Steven Santos says: pretend you're a black bear
Steven Santos says: black bears love blackberries

I tried but only ate one of them and gave the rest to my friend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


You might remember Steve and I love donuts.

Our good friends Liz & Jeremy recently introduced us to Dynamo Donuts...a new delicious hot spot of yumminess over in the Mission.

This weekend we got my favorite, Chocolate Spice. We also figured we'd try a couple others just to test them out. A survey if you will. The other two flavors are Toasted Coconut and Ginger Orange. Sooooo good.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Shins Post

I just asked Steve what I should name the Shins post. And then I realized I answered my own question. Steve surprised me with tickets to the Shins last weekend and we had the best time!

Smarty pants Steve had the brilliant idea to scooter downtown to 2nd St. and catch BART at Montgomery and take it over to Oakland. Brilliant indeed! The plan worked perfectly and we made it to Oakland in no time.

The show was at the new Fox Theater. I must say, I've never been to a venue where every doorman/employee/anyone that worked there were SO NICE. You could tell that they'd all been told "customer service and friendliness is our top priority." It made a huge impression on us. I think we're so use to seeing shows with snotty emo kids working the door but not was lovely.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

DIY Curious

Here's some fun news! Our good friend Andy Kane is teaching a screenprinting class at Ferney Art Studio over in the Mission this June and you should sign up while you still can!

This class is going to be amazing! If you've ever been interested in printing your own t-shirts, posters, or fabric then this class is for you. Andy will teach you how to build your own screen printing set up so you can go home and print to your hearts content. Here is the information and class description:

Date: Class D – Saturday, June 6th
Class E – Saturday, June 20th
Location: Ferney Art Studio 766 Valencia ST. San Francisco
Hours: 10:00AM – 2:00PM
Cost: $125 (includes material fees)
Skill Level: Beginner

Have you ever wanted to silkscreen your own designer t-shirts and fabrics? Here’s your chance. Silkscreen is everywhere. Silkscreen printing is one of the most versatile, low-tech, and easy printing methods available. This class covers:

·Image and text design
·Screenmaking & exposure systems
·Press setup & registration
·Printing techniques
·Ink & mesh selection
·Production tips & tricks
·Equipment maintenance
·General troubleshooting
·Extensive Q & A's

This class demonstrates the whole silkscreen process. Participants will leave the class with a complete understanding of the process and be fully prepared to setup a silkscreen studio at his or her kitchen table. Participants will also print on a take-home tote bag and stretch a blank screen to take home and use. TO SIGN UP:

Monday, May 11, 2009

oh heck yes

I saw this on Boing Boing gadgets today! I can't wait to download this on Betsy's phone so she can finally start to love science. And nature.

Plant identification field guide coming to iPhone and more

digitalfieldguide.jpgThe National Science Foundation is working on a plant identification guide for the iPhone and other portables, reports the Times:

The field guide, now in prototype for iPhones and other portable devices, has been tested at three sites in the northeastern United States, including Plummers Island in Maryland and Central Park in New York, said W. John Kress, a research botanist and curator at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, who is also on the research team. The computer program compares the leaf snapshot to a library of leaf images.

"We believe there is enough information in a single leaf to identify a species," he said. "Our brains can't remember all of these characteristics, but the computer can."

I am excited about this new app but what it looks like it only identifies tree species. Forbs always get left out! And what about grasses? Grasses are a pain in the butt to identify. I wish I could point my phone at grasses and it identifies it for me. Now that would be an app! Maybe I should team with someone... someone who knows how to program...

Friday, May 8, 2009

We love Dennis Leary

Not this Denis Leary...

THIS Dennis Leary...

He's the chef/owner of The Sentinel here in downtown SF and is also the chef at Canteen (where I've never been but would like to go the next time we need to go somewhere very fancy...Steve, you listening?).

Steve was downtown at lunchtime yesterday so we met up at The Sentinel and shared two of the most delicious sandwiches of our little lives. I know I've posted about this place before but these two sandwiches deserved their own post.

I had the marinated yellowtail with Avocado and Fennel:

And Steve had the corned beef with cabbage, gruyere and Russian dressing. at first bite. I love that he serves his super fresh menu until he sells out and when it's gone, it's gone. Love love love.