Wednesday, May 20, 2009


You might remember Steve and I love donuts.

Our good friends Liz & Jeremy recently introduced us to Dynamo Donuts...a new delicious hot spot of yumminess over in the Mission.

This weekend we got my favorite, Chocolate Spice. We also figured we'd try a couple others just to test them out. A survey if you will. The other two flavors are Toasted Coconut and Ginger Orange. Sooooo good.


Suzy said...

My mouth is watering...not as much as normal though cause I just had a big bowl of crunch berries for breakfast

Betsy said...

It's official. You're five.

julia said...

dude, how did i not know about this when i lived there? when i have my baby shower up there (early aug sometime) and if you can come, please bring me a small sampling. please. it's for the child. i don't even like donuts.

Betsy said...'s not just Dynamo Donuts that has popped up over's Humphry Slocombe ice cream...Phat Philly Cheesestakes (trust me, yum)...and Mission Pies! You have to do an afternoon food tour sometime. But...I'm on your sampler box. :)

michelle said...

I've been wanting to try Dynamo since your facebook comment - maybe this will be breakfast tomorrow... =)