Friday, May 22, 2009

Scary Berries

Yesterday I discovered that I don't love fresh blackberries. No other fruit creeps me out quite like they do. Steve, who I love for making me lunch each day, packed me a tupperware full of strawberries and blackberries yesterday. When I decided I needed a snack I pulled them out and began eating. Without realizing it, I ate all the strawberries first. I was left with a bowl of these:

I'm not quite sure why but sitting in my office, staring at the bowl of blackberries I decided I didn't want them. And in fact, they were grossing me out. I think maybe it's because they remind me of bumble bee butts...

Or this rhinoceros beetle:

Or this...

Or this...

You get the idea. I Skyped Steve once I decided I was anti-blackberries and our conversation went like this:

Betsy Santos says: blackberries scare me
Steven Santos says: why????
Betsy Santos says: something about them makes me feel like i'm eating an insect
Betsy Santos says: i don't know
Betsy Santos says: they are just weird and bubble-like
Steven Santos says: pretend you're a black bear
Steven Santos says: black bears love blackberries

I tried but only ate one of them and gave the rest to my friend.


Steve said...

Blackberries don't look anything like an insects butt!

Would it help if you thought of them as an aggregate of sweet, fleshy-coated achenes (drupelets)? It does for me!

Betsy said...

That was like reading Russian.

Lindsay said...

It is just wrong to not like fresh blackberries. Cooper would be very disappointed in you, but would gladly eat all the ones that you did not want.

Jen said...

I totally understand. I think the real issue is that with a berry that large, an insect could technically be hiding INSIDE the berry. That's why they freak me out. Although, if they are smashed into a yummy sauce, I think they're delish.

Jen said...

Blackberries DO NOT look like bumblebee butts!!

Sophie McRae

P.S. Eww, that's gross Betsy.