Thursday, July 22, 2010

My wife is so pregnant.

Last week we officially became "full term." That means we are on orange alert, waiting for the baby to drop so to speak. No wait, he's already dropped. You know what I mean. Betsy has handled this pregnancy like a champ and I'm so proud of her! At the end of the days she is pretty tired at this point (I can't get her to stop working full-time!). We are trying to take it easy and I am trying to make her relax and not exert herself with offerings of fudgcicles and foot rubs (this works remarkably well).

Here is a profile shot of the the belly this morning at 38 weeks + 1 day.

Here is Betsy displaying her mothering instincts and rocking our baby. A little early but whatever we can do to prep, we're doing it.

We even washed our ever-expanding collection of baby clothes this week, and thanks to our friends and family, we are going to have one stylish little Santos! Sidenote: how in the h*** do you fold baby clothes? Turns out we have no idea. Also, one full load of baby clothes takes apx. 2 days to fold because it contains apx. one million items. Annoying.

Betsy is so cute. I love her round belly.

As August 4th approaches, we are suddenly realizing that we need to be ready at a moments notice. Car seat installed, check. Hospital bag packed, nope. I should pack our hospital bag sometime before its too late!
I can't wait.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Oh man, what a summer. A couple weeks ago we went to Park City for Betsy's family reunion. It was so much fun. I thought I'd take a moment to recap our adventures for you. Our adventure didn't start out so well. The airline totally lost our luggage and we only had one outfit for the entire week. That was a bummer but we made due.

As you can see the mountain is huge and there are tons of mountain bike and hiking trails. Nothing beats the Alpine Slide though.

Since Salt Lake hosted the winter Olympics in 2002, they have this awesome museum where you can pretend you're a member of the Olympic bobsled team. My mother-in-law Sue is amazingly tough! Here she is pushing the sled, John, Betsy and me all by herself!
They also have this area where you can learn how to ski jump. You bomb down the hill, jump, do aerials, and land in the pool. I was game to try it but I chickened out. We actually got asked to leave by security shortly after this photo was taken after Betsy threw a fit because they didn't allow her to jump due to her being 9 months pregnant. Or maybe the fit was because they didn't let her use the employee bathroom.
Part of the fun of vacation is posing with the kids.
I think my favorite time has always been pool time. I remember when Emma, Sophie & Al were scared of the water and would never leave the safety of their floaty things but now they are fearless! Even swimming in our clothes we still managed to have a good time.
Can someone say pool conga line!?
Let's be honest, the main thing we like to do when we go to Park City is eat. Often we plan our next meal while consuming the current one. How does one fit in all the eating? We try and figure it out every year. Here we are waiting for a table with the John, Kim, Jarod, and Kevin.
Still waiting with Ryan and Emma.
The bro-in-laws.
The Heywood sisters.
Often the best times are when we are hanging out back at the condos, chilling and snacking.
Its super fun to line up all the grand kids. Baby Santos, Kevin, Jarod, Jake, Emma, Sophie & Allie.
After Park City was over, we headed down to Provo to eat at the Pizzeria and hang at the McRae House. For some reason, Sophie buried us in her mound of stuffed animals. I spy a Nursing Nana!
After dinner we all headed back to Sue and Ern's house to relax before our flight back to SF.
I cant wait till next year! Thanks so much Sue & Ern!