Saturday, March 27, 2010


So we haven't really documented the baby bump that much. Sometimes it still barely seems like it's actually happening. But the other day I looked down and was startled by what appeared to be a soccer ball sized bump looking back at me. Totally wacky. We had a little photo session today to document the baby boy at 21.5 weeks along. More than half way done! I told Steve I refused to participate in any photo session unless he also participated so here you go!

And one traditional pose for posterity...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Now it begins...

So you may have heard on the Internet that we are expecting a boy this summer. We are super excited and at the same time super terrified. My biggest fear: dropping the baby. I am petrified this will happen. (Don't tell Betsy) I'm not sure what Betsy's biggest fear is but when she is stressed she likes to shop. She must have been stressed lately because these things arrived in the mail today. Now she brings home baby stuff instead of shoes. I guess its better because it's cheaper.

Item #1: Guitar onesie.
Item #2: The flannel button up. I am so excited about this one. I am sure they have an adult version so we can be twins.
Item #3: The sweater vest. A classic piece.
Item #4: The poncho. I guess this is for when we go hit up that drum circle 420 sesh or something?

In any event, Betsy can't wait for the baby to come out so she can dress him! Here she is practicing on her belly.
It has begun. Please Internet don't encourage her.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pickles Please

Linds already blogged about this but we decided to try and replicate, not the delicious pastries or sandwiches from Tartine bakery, but what lots of people probably toss aside without a second thought; the spicy pickled veggies that come WITH the sandwiches. You may wonder why we'd try and do this. Linds and I have always been kindred spirits when it comes to our love of all things pickled or sour. The more pickles, capers, lemon or lime a dish has, the better. If you're wondering who buys the huge 25oz. jars of capers at Costco? This girl. Steve & Pat weren't quite as excited for the project.

We picked all the cutest carrots & radishes from the garden...
and scrubbed them clean.
It was so inspiring to pick fresh veggies!!! I know I know...home grown is so popular these days but the most Steve and I have grown here in SF is a few herbs on the roof or fire escape. Actual carrots? Unbelievable (having an actual garden may get me back to the burbs sooner than later)!
Here's the jars before we added our pickling liquid, some chili flake, hot peppers, bay leaf and peppercorns.
Look how lovely! Only thing is we had no idea how they'd taste. We could only wait a few days and keep our fingers crossed.
A day before I sampled them myself, I read an update on Lindsay's blog that we were indeed successful! Next time we'll use more red pepper for even more spice & heat but it was a valiant effort for a first try. I tasted them last night and they were delicious! But I thought it might be more enjoyable for you to witness Steve, the non-pickle lover's, reaction.

First, a carrot. So nervous.

I think this picture is my favorite.

So he didn't really appreciate the carrot. He was a good sport and I managed to convince him to try a more traditional cucumber. VERY nervous. Actually, he looks more sad in this picture. Defeated.

Look how hard he's trying to like it!
In the end he said the cucumber was good but the carrots, cauliflower and radishes were more than he could take.
Thanks again Linds!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A weekend of family & friends

A few weekends ago friends & family gathered from near & far to help Lindsay & Patrick celebrate the life of their little Cooper that passed away unexpectedly on January 29th. Cooper's memorial service was inspirational to all of those in attendance. Our belief in the eternal nature of families was a common thread in the tributes. I also appreciated the challenge to take Cooper's untimely death and use it as a way to inspire ourselves to make a change in our lives for the better. So that 5, 10 years down the road I can look back and say "when Cooper died I finally (fill in the blank)." Here is Linds and Pat looking lovely as always.

Rebecca & Suzy

Three bearded gents.

The evolution of the beard by Shawn, Steve & Derek.
Karen & Robyn
It's so bittersweet how losing loved ones brings together family & friends. After the services were complete on Saturday a handful of us went out for a late lunch and to catch up. Steve decided he wanted to take happy pictures with all of his friends.

With famous Dave up for the day from LA.
With beautiful former roommate Rebecca.
With Steve & Melissa who hail from the great state of Sacramento. Man do they love Sacramento.
We were lucky enough to have Suzy with us for the weekend...we don't get tons of visitors these days.
Before the super bowl started Suzy wanted to do some touristy things so we went out to Chrissy Field to enjoy the sunny & windy weather.
Suzy freaked when this sea lion was hanging out by the pier.
Then it was back home to make our super bowl treats. Most were fairly trashy: Behold Suzy's famous bacon brown sugar weenies! (Other trashy treats included onion dip with ruffles potato chips and spinach dip with sourdough bread.)
We also had one totally non-trashy, quite posh treat...CRAB! Man...crab season...I love you. (Please note as soon as we returned home from touristing, we put on our PJ's at apx. 2pm. We couldn't risk a pesky waist band getting in the way of maximum treat consumption.)

On the posh menu, 3 whole cleaned and cracked steamed crabs...served with lemon wedges, clarified butter and cocktail sauce (thanks mom for sending Suzy to town with a $50 dollar bill to be used towards a meal for the three of us...I think we did you proud). I started sitting on the floor but soon realized I needed to be up higher for this high maintenance process.
Steve & his penguin PJ pants...check! Suzy in her plaid flannel PJ pants...check! Bibs in ready position.

When you have something kinda fancy like crab...doesn't it always seem like there's not quite enough? Well, turns out we totally had enough. So much that I even had to throw in the bib/towel before all the crab was gone. Steve & Suzy however hung in there until the bitter end.
Here Steve is trying to intimidate Suzy by using neither a seafood fork, cracker or hands!

Thanks for coming to visit Flooz! Next time bring Ry Ry!