Sunday, June 29, 2008

Love that chill

The other evening Steve and I decided to take a stroll down to the Ferry Building to eat dinner on the patio at Taylor's Refresher. Notice my wool beanie, a necessary accessory for SF summer nights.
Pretty Ferry Building.
As we were waiting for our dinner the temperature continued to drop, hood on.
And still colder. What gives San Francisco?
Steve was only a little bit embarrassed by my totally sweet outfit.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Betsy asked me to grill some portabellos, zucs and peppers. This is what she did with them. Biggest veggie burger ever. I don't know how I ate it. So good.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend recap

What a weekend. I went surfing for the first time in about, well, it was a long time. I had a great meeting with my advisor and we babysat for the rest of the night. So fun.
On Saturday we decided to beat the heat by going to the movies. We saw The Happening. I liked it but the critics did not. Marky Mark was good.
After the movie we met up with Betsy's cousin and grabbed a burger. We had to cut our visit short because we had to jump on Bart and make our way to the Greek Theater to see one of our favorite bands, Death Cab for Cutie!

The opening band was also good, Rogue Wave. They were from Oakland. I wonder if they took Bart too.
We were very excited to find a seat at the sold out show. So excited that we couldn't keep still!
Death Cab was great. Betsy is in love with Ben's voice.
It was a fun show and they played many of their hits. Betsy was annoyed because I sang really loud!

I shot some video of some random songs. The sound quality is not that good. I do love my camera.

Sunday was fun too! Jeremy had a birthday party and we ate some yummy food. It was great to hang out with the crew. Another great weekend in the city.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A lovely Saturday w/my parents

Like I mentioned, my parents were in town a week ago and stayed with us for a couple of nights. It was a fantastic weekend. We had an especially great time on Saturday. We got up early and went to an early early early pre-lunch showing of Kung Fu Panda.

We saw it at the Van Ness theater and parked on level B.

After the movie we went to Houston's for lunch. We seem to end up there every time my parents come to visit. I think it's because my mom loves the artichokes...

We all love the famous french dip...

And I love the thai steak salad.

And as if we hadn't indulged enough, we picked up some crab for dinner and had a messy but delicious dinner of the local catch of the day!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ryan's Graduation

Last weekend my parents were in town and on Friday we Steve and I took work off to go to my nephew Ryan's high school graduation (Go Woodside High School!). I was impressed that a school with Halloween type colors totally embraced them. Long silky orange robes for the guys? Heck yes! Here's the proud family (Linda, Ryan, Jim & Ethan).
It was fun being in the made me feel like I was in an episode of Friday Night Lights.
When I graduated from high school I don't think my friends and I were After the ceremony I felt like this about some of the graduating girls dresses that were unveiled when they unzipped their robes.
Linda threw an amazingly fun and delicious luncheon afterwards with friends and family.

Ryan is going to UCSC this fall to study mechanical engineering. As a UC alum, I'm super excited he's decided to go there...go banana slugs!

Here's my cute mom and dad enjoying some tasty treats.

Steve was taking a nap about 5 minutes after this picture was taken.

Here's Ryan...someone gave him that tie-dyed shirt as a joke. He's kind of a hybrid right now. Part suburban-city-skater-extreme-sport kid...soon to be a granola-loving, surfing santa cruz hippie. Congratulations Ryan!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pie Party

This past weekend was so busy with birthdays and graduations and visitors that we're going to have to post about it in stages. First up, last Thursday night I threw Steve a pie party for his birthday. I started the baking on Wednesday night and finished it all up right before the guests arrived.
The most domestic skill my mom passed on to me is pie crust making from scratch.
We set the dining room table up with a selection of pies and freshly whipped cream.

We even labeled the pies so there was no confusion.
After all the baking was complete I had made apple, pumpkin, chocolate french silk, banana cream and four berry varieties. Something for every taste bud in the house.First to arrive on the party scene were those with babies. The party started at 7:30pm with is past the bedtime of many of our guests.

Here's Jared & Annabelle (up past her bedtime).
Here's me with little Moses (up past his bedtime).
Here's Anna & Tracy with Thad (up past his bedtime).The birthday boy was the first one to go for it...he went right for the chocolate french silk (not surprising).

Speaking of babies...our neighbors Emily and Andy are due any day now!
Jordan, Juliann & Moses.
Roommate Rebecca made it! Oh how I miss the Duboce days! Paul, Tyler and Jared.

Preston (hairdresser extraordinaire) and the lovely Brian.
Allie & Brant.
Juliann, Moses, Tom & Sarah.
Emily made Steve a rice krispie treat in the shape of the flower species Steve studied for his Masters program. Eriogonum.
Rebecca, Steve, Adam, Tracy and Emily.
Pies were a hit. Especially the chocolate & banana cream. Go figure.Party animal.
Happy birthday babe! I love you!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just like old times

Those of you who have known me for a long time might remember that I use to take pictures all the time. And when I say all the time I mean ALL the time. At every seemingly insignificant hang-out or occasion or random moment, I had my little Canon Digital Elph camera and I was snapping thousands (maybe even millions) of pictures. And I put a lot of them on my old blog.

When I got married last fall I decided to pass along my little camera to my older sister Jen and her family because they needed one and I figured I could just use Steve's. Well, I did pass my camera on to my sister but I never really fell in love with Steve's camera. And as it turned out, he would need it fairly often for work which meant I didn't constantly have a camera in my purse to take millions of pictures with. So the documenting of my life sort of stopped.

Until today. While all my friends are buying expensive fancy cameras, lately all I've wanted was my little old Canon Elph back. So last week I bought this:

It's a little bigger than a deck of cards. It might not be the fanciest camera in town but it's exactly what I wanted. Get ready to be photographed my friends!