Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pie Party

This past weekend was so busy with birthdays and graduations and visitors that we're going to have to post about it in stages. First up, last Thursday night I threw Steve a pie party for his birthday. I started the baking on Wednesday night and finished it all up right before the guests arrived.
The most domestic skill my mom passed on to me is pie crust making from scratch.
We set the dining room table up with a selection of pies and freshly whipped cream.

We even labeled the pies so there was no confusion.
After all the baking was complete I had made apple, pumpkin, chocolate french silk, banana cream and four berry varieties. Something for every taste bud in the house.First to arrive on the party scene were those with babies. The party started at 7:30pm with is past the bedtime of many of our guests.

Here's Jared & Annabelle (up past her bedtime).
Here's me with little Moses (up past his bedtime).
Here's Anna & Tracy with Thad (up past his bedtime).The birthday boy was the first one to go for it...he went right for the chocolate french silk (not surprising).

Speaking of babies...our neighbors Emily and Andy are due any day now!
Jordan, Juliann & Moses.
Roommate Rebecca made it! Oh how I miss the Duboce days! Paul, Tyler and Jared.

Preston (hairdresser extraordinaire) and the lovely Brian.
Allie & Brant.
Juliann, Moses, Tom & Sarah.
Emily made Steve a rice krispie treat in the shape of the flower species Steve studied for his Masters program. Eriogonum.
Rebecca, Steve, Adam, Tracy and Emily.
Pies were a hit. Especially the chocolate & banana cream. Go figure.Party animal.
Happy birthday babe! I love you!


julia said...

i miss our old pie bake off's - you would have been a hit! happy bday steve. i wish i lived closer. i even moved to la and it's not close enough to pie, dang it.

Steve said...

Thanks for getting me pies for my birthday!!!

amanda said...

Wow, look at you, domestic goddess! YU-UM!

michelle said...

It was a great party. If you ever make a pie again, I'm happy to finish it off for you.

bex said...

this was such a delicious party. (even if to attend i too stayed up past my bedtime)