Thursday, September 29, 2011

14 mo.

Charlie is 14 months old!
We've made some big changes over the past couple of months, namely, we moved back to SF! We miss our adorable neighborhood in Berkeley and all the amazing friends we met during our year and a half in "the east" but this move was the right thing for our family. Steve is still doing the full-time-parent duties while I'm working full-time downtown. Our move put us closer to my job and closer to so many of our great friends that also have little ones. Within the first few weeks of being back we've really felt the love of our friends here. Charlie has friends that he sees all the time now! It's so fun to see him interacting w/Berkeley and Finn all the time and I love watching Charlie grow close to our friends and realize that he has such a huge network of peeps that love him and care about him.

Being back in SF also gives Steve & Charlie so much more to do in walking distance. One of their new favorite things to do is visit the Academy of Science. Charlie LOVES the fish! I work from home on Fridays which allows me some flexibility to do things with the boys during the day and for Charlie's official 14 month birthday tomorrow I'm going with them!

He loves:
Walking while holding on to something
Yelling (not in an obnoxious way, just to hear his own voice)
Little Tonka trucks
Throwing stuff

He's also learning what things are...he can ID a cow, a clock, a nose, my eye and my hair. He took some unassisted steps on September 3rd and then mommy and daddy freaked out with glee so badly that I think we scared him into submission. BUT...I'm happy to report today he decided he was ready to roll! We'll get a video up soon but he's officially walking. We love this kid so much. One thing that has stayed true from the moment Charlie was born is we continually get comments from everyone (strangers included) that Charlie is one of the happiest babies they've ever seen and it's true. He really is a smiley, lovely, happy, pleasant kid. We've been totally spoiled and are so lucky to have him in our lives.