Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend recap

What a weekend. I went surfing for the first time in about, well, it was a long time. I had a great meeting with my advisor and we babysat for the rest of the night. So fun.
On Saturday we decided to beat the heat by going to the movies. We saw The Happening. I liked it but the critics did not. Marky Mark was good.
After the movie we met up with Betsy's cousin and grabbed a burger. We had to cut our visit short because we had to jump on Bart and make our way to the Greek Theater to see one of our favorite bands, Death Cab for Cutie!

The opening band was also good, Rogue Wave. They were from Oakland. I wonder if they took Bart too.
We were very excited to find a seat at the sold out show. So excited that we couldn't keep still!
Death Cab was great. Betsy is in love with Ben's voice.
It was a fun show and they played many of their hits. Betsy was annoyed because I sang really loud!

I shot some video of some random songs. The sound quality is not that good. I do love my camera.

Sunday was fun too! Jeremy had a birthday party and we ate some yummy food. It was great to hang out with the crew. Another great weekend in the city.


Betsy said...

You've gone link crazy honey.

Nation...if you do one thing'll click on the Marky Mark link.

michelle said...

Yay! Thanks for sitting and I'm so happy Death Cab was a fun show.

Steve said...

um, you didn't get a wrist strong bracelet for your birthday so you can't address the nation Betsy

Anonymous said...

ooh, I'm jealous... I love rogue wave! um, and also those other guys.