Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Shins Post

I just asked Steve what I should name the Shins post. And then I realized I answered my own question. Steve surprised me with tickets to the Shins last weekend and we had the best time!

Smarty pants Steve had the brilliant idea to scooter downtown to 2nd St. and catch BART at Montgomery and take it over to Oakland. Brilliant indeed! The plan worked perfectly and we made it to Oakland in no time.

The show was at the new Fox Theater. I must say, I've never been to a venue where every doorman/employee/anyone that worked there were SO NICE. You could tell that they'd all been told "customer service and friendliness is our top priority." It made a huge impression on us. I think we're so use to seeing shows with snotty emo kids working the door but not was lovely.


Suzy said...

So fun! I wish I could go to some shows in San Fran :( I'll just live that part of my life through you guys! Love you!!

Jen said...

How was the concert? I'm so jel!

Betsy said...

Concert was great. Although they don't have a new album it was a semi-repeat of the show we saw back when Wincing the Night Away first came out. They did play a log of new stuff though. 'Twas lovely.