Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blind Date

Charlie: Hi there. I'm Charlie Santos.
Berkeley: Hi. I'm Berkeley.
Charlie: I'm so glad that our parents set up this date. I'm a little nervous.
Berkeley: Yeah whatever. Those guys are always meddling in our lives. But I'm glad I came.
Berkeley: I thought you would be taller. You're shorter than you look in your profile pic.
Charlie: Huh. I'll have to change that.
Charlie: So tell me a little about yourself. What are your favorite hobbies?
Berkeley: Well, I really like to...
Finn: Yo! What up Girl!
Finn: Shorty, It's totally my birthday! I saw you from across the room and wanted to come over and say hi and invite you to play with my new toys. You're not with this guy are you?
Berkeley: Yes we are on a date. Our parents set us up.
Charlie: Yeah. We are on a date. Thanks for the invite though but we want to spend some time together.
Finn: Really? This guy?
Finn: Come on girl? What's your deal? Let's go out.
Charlie: Hey man. Chill
Finn: I just need a kiss.
Berkeley: Um.. Not until I'm 16!!
Charlie: SECURITY!.
Charlie: Whew. Thank goodness that bouncer was there. I've never seen a blond female bouncer before. She seemed really nice.
Berkeley: Yeah. That guy seemed milk drunk. Some people can't hold their milk and just go crazy on their birthday.
Charlie: Seriously.
Berkeley: Well, Maybe we can do this again some other time but let's pick a quieter place.
Charlie: Cool. Yeah, I would like to see you again. This was fun.
Berkeley: Can you walk me to my car seat?
Charlie: Of course, but we need to hold hands...
Berkeley: You're smooth Charlie, but don't get any funny ideas.


Suzanne said...

Ha! That bruiser Finn. He's a giant compared this this little couple.

Suzy said...

HILARIOUS!! Those kids are so dang cute.

Maria said...

thank you for making my Sunday even better!

Jamie said...

That is the BEST blind date ever!!! I hope soon they will be happily giggling from the sandbox.

shelikestodance said...

Oh dear, this is the cutest blog post I've ever seen.

amyandseth said...

he will like this when he's old enough to read it :) or maybe he'll just be embarassed.... you know, his first blind date broadcasted online...haha