Wednesday, November 10, 2010


2 weeks ago we realized that charlie has outgrown his Moses basket. It was time to move him off our hamper and into his actual crib.
He went from this small basket to this spacious, luxury crib and went from completely filling the basket to having tons of room to roam around and roll over. Rolling over is one of Charlie's new tricks.
It was a tough time for Betsy. She was having separation anxiety and was worried that Charlie would be lonely all by himself and in his own room. Luckily, he made some quick friends.

Unfortunately, this move to the crib has come at a cost. Charlie was sleeping 8 solid hours almost every night and now we are lucky if we get 6. But we did move him to his crib while we were packing for our move to Berkeley so that transition could have upset him as well. There are too many variables to be sure. I need to explain the Scientific Method to Charlie so he can limit the variables and we will know for sure what is going on with him. The problem is he doesn't speak English yet so it's going to be a challenge.


Betsy said...

I can't believe how big out little nugget is. Our baby boy is becoming a man!

lindsay said...

Santos Charlie is so dang cute! I love his friends.

bex said...

I can't believe Charlie wasn't just born with an innate sense of the Scientific Method.

Jamie said...

I like his choice of friends, they are cool!