Saturday, October 30, 2010

3 Months

Charlie is 3 months old today. I may have been guilty in the past of rolling my eyes at all the cliche sounding posts from moms on blogs and on facebook talking about how "time flies so fast" or how they "can't believe how fast their little one is growing" but at the risk of sounding totally cliche myself, I cannot believe how fast this 3 months has flown by or how big Charlie is getting. I'm not exactly sure of his stats right now but I think he weighs about 13lbs. We'll see how he's doing at his 16 week checkup in a couple of weeks.

Here's some stuff about our 3 month old:
1) Charlie has many nicknames including but not limited to: Char, Char Char, Featherweight, Sweet Pea, Jello for Brains (I call him this if I've left him in the swing for longer than 1 hour), Little One, The Virgin Charlie, Nugget, Drama King, Buddy, Peanut.
2) He smiles all the time and is insanely cute. Ask anyone. Here's proof:
3) He hasn't officially laughed yet but I predict he's getting very close.
4) He likes to talk tons these days and when he does, his mouth looks like a bird beak. He makes a lot of eew, ooh, aah type sounds mixed in with grunts & gurgles.
5) Over the past few days he's started to constantly roll onto his left side. He doesn't roll completely over just yet but he will soon I'm sure. He's also grabbing at things (like the toys that hang down from his play mat thingy).
6) He's such a happy little guy. He rarely cries and when he does, it's for totally logical reasons (tired, hungry, pushing out a poop etc.). Otherwise, he's so very agreeable it's almost scary. Scary because we're nervous it'll change at some point.
7) Charlie likes to Skype with Grandma & Grandpa Heywood and he likes to FaceTime with Aunt Suzy, Uncle Ryan and Allie. Everyone else, this is your wake up call to get an iPhone 4 or a web cam pronto so you too can enjoy Charlie whenever you'd like in real time.
8) Charlie likes to blow bubbles and is drooling a lot these days. I say blow bubbles but it's more like foams at the mouth (we imagine it may be what having rabies looks like).
9) A couple of weeks ago he started grabbing his blanket that I put on his lap in his car seat and he pulls it up to his mouth and sucks on it. He's a genius!!!
10) Steve created a game called "The Blanket Game" that Charlie loves that involves laying Charlie on our made bed, then gently laying a blanket on top of him, then he kicks it off. He won't just get it off his face, he'll kick it off his whole body.
11) Charlie has already taken two airplane flights to SLC. One at 7 weeks old and one two weeks ago. He was a total champ both times and didn't cry at all. He seemed to enjoy it actually.
12) Charlie loves to eat out with mommy & daddy and we're teaching him how to be really smug about the kinds of food he eats and the places he frequents.
13) Charlie typically goes to bed around 9pm, will sleep for 7-8 hours then wake up for a snack. Then back down to sleep for about 2 hours.
14) So far we've been able to go on a few dates since Charlie was born. Two in Utah when my sisters babysat for us and once last night when one of our best friend's Michelle babysat for us. Michelle sent us text messages all through the evening of Charlie laughing and smiling. Guess he's a great baby for everyone, not just for us. Michelle even put Charlie to bed!
15) After protesting the bottle for a couple of weeks Charlie has decided he's okay with it after all and is taking it like a champ these days (good thing since mommy will need to head back to work mid-November).
16) Charlie has two totally fab dimples on his cheeks. He's going to woo the ladies with them someday I'm sure.

Charlie has been such a fun addition to our life and we love him times a million. Parenthood is tiring and sometimes overwhelming but it's amazing and we're trying to enjoy every moment. Here are some pics we're loving from the past week or two:


Jamie said...

I heart Charlie! Happy 3 months to the sweetest baby.

Naomi Fraserson said...

super duper cute. yay for easy babies who sleep!

Senja said...

ah, so cute! :)

Alice said...

Don't you love how your baby gets cuter and cuter every day:) I love the looks!

Alice said...

And Happy Birthday Betsy!

Robyn Kessler said...

Happy 1/4 year Charlie!!

julia said...

he smiles like steve!! hope our boys can hang out soon. xo

Steve said...

I love our little family.

Jen said...

I know I'm a bit biased but... oh my gosh! Can little CG get any cuter??? Love him!

Amanda said...

Oh he's so cute!

april said...

Oh sweet Charlie! I'm so glad we got to meet you.

I especially like #12. Never too early to teach him to have a refined palate.