Monday, July 6, 2009

Park City 2009

I figure most of you read this blog in the hopes that you'll get a random update about Lucy. She's famous. And also famous here. And she is getting old. Oh but I love her with all my heart...she really is the best cat ever. When we arrived in Utah I found Lucy lounging in my parents bedroom and noticed she had a fairly odd haircut happening. Apparently my dad did it himself. No matter what he says, I know he loves this cat.

She totally loves it when I hold her like this.
She's as tiny as a mouse!After a night at my parents house we set out for Park City. Park City is beautiful. I promise. This year it was especially breathtaking because it had been raining all of May and early June so it was green and lush and lovely. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the beauty that is Park City but I do have a lot of wacky photos of Allie (which is fine since Allie = cutie pie). Blueberry Slurpee?
Allie with Uncle Steve on our walk back to our condo after a quick stop for some ice cream. I told them both to make crazy faces. Way to go Steve. Wacky!!!
One of the main attractions in Park City is the summer fun at the Park City Resort. Namely the Alpine Slide, the Zip Line and my personal favorite, the Alpine Coaster. Unfortunately this is the only picture I took of the mountain.
But I do have this picture of Allie & Suzy post Tiger's Blood flavored Shave Ice.

Here's Emma, Jake and me enjoying our shave ice. My flavor of choice was Tiger's Blood mixed with coconut. The other main attraction in Park City is the delicious food. My mom & dad made the most delicious flank steak. We ate all of it.

And when we weren't eating at the condo, we were eating at a restaurant. My parents were so great and treated all one million of us to Red Rock one evening.
Jen & me.Matt & EricSuzy & RyanJen, Kim & Kiara
Cutest Jarod.John & Kevin.
Dad & Mom.
Most of the McRae clan (Jake, Joseph, Sophie and Jen).
Ryan & Jim (I told Ryan to look like he was having an awesome time).
Matt, Eric & Linda
And after 5 fun-filled days, what could turn adorable Emma...
Into this teary-eyed little girl? Why Auntie Betsy & Uncle Steve were about to fly home to SF of course. This is true love folks (I love you too Emma!!)
Thanks mom & dad for organizing such a fun trip again this year! We had a great time and we love you!!!


Suzy said...

That was some good meat. I love how you try to make it seem that Lucy likes you holding her like that...hahaha

Steve said...

Park City was awesome. I wish I could ride the Alpine Coaster all day!