Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hawaii (aka Steve's birthday part III)

So the day after Steve's birthday I flew to Honolulu on a business trip. I know. Rough. One of the prices I pay for working at a company founded in Honolulu. I flew out on a Tuesday and worked in our HNL office Wednesday and Thursday and then Steve (lucky guy that he is) got to join me on Thursday afternoon after work! I took Friday off and we spent a quick, yet awesome weekend exploring Oahu. It's a good thing he came out when he did since I quickly made friends with a local whilst on my own.
My Hawaii co-workers made sure I had at least one truly authentic experience by taking me out for a plate lunch...complete with poi (not good). Can you believe that slab of tuna?!?!? So delicious.
After a couple nights alone in my hotel room it was nice to wake up to this guy again.
Here we are...ready for adventure.
Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay.
Liz & Jer let us know we would not be sorry with burgers for lunch at Kua 'Aina. They were right.
We drove everywhere...trying to see as much of the beautiful island that we could.
That night we had the most delicious sushi we've had in our entire lives (sorry SF) at a place called Tokkuri Tei. Honestly, the fish was AMAZING. And it matches Steve's shirt perfectly.

After our delicious sushi dinner we took the advice of Liz & Jer again and stopped at Leonard's for malasadas. Sweet deliciousness.

Steve loved the chocolate filled.I preferred the coconut.
Our last day of adventure took us up to the North Shore. We spent the day at Sunset Beach.
And eventually ended up at Haleiwa Joe's on the patio for a late lunch/early dinner.
The sun quickly set on our adventure filled weekend...we had such a great time and were so lucky to be able to go.
So sad to leave.


Suzy said...

That pic of Steve waking up is the best! Looks like a fun trip. And you always meet celebs while you're on vacation, lame!

amanda said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm curious ... is "Hurley" as nice and jovial in real life?

Kylie said...

Awesome! Speaking of Hanauma Bay, I JUST BARELY got my underwater photos from there developed (from my November trip, yikes!). So fun!

Steve said...

I hope your company has to send you every year and that I get to tag along! (for moral support of course)

amyandseth said...

makes me want to go to hawaii NOW....looks like you had tons of fun. Some of those beach pics look like postcards. Steve is a lucky man - what a fun long birthday celebration