Sunday, July 5, 2009

Steve's Birthday (Part II)!

Steve's birthday was in the beginning of June and we had a great little get together over at the Beckstead's to celebrate. We were short on prep time because I was leaving for a business trip to Hawaii the morning after his birthday. But turns out, all it takes to have a fantastic party is your good friends and a yummy cake close by.

I decided my nature loving husband needed a dirt cake. Sure, these types of cakes are typically reserved for celebrating your 5th birthday but it worked like a charm for Steve's 37th. He can hardly contain his excitement (obviously).

Mark, Andy & Rebecca
Jeremy & Liz
Courtney, Andy & Derek
Nate, Birthday Boy, Andy, Heather, Alex & Liz
Emily & Andy (there is a theme in all these pictures...)
Em & me
I hope Steve is already planning my party.


Suzy said...

Great cake...I'm a little disappointed that you didn't try out the rainbow one though.

Steve said...

Thanks for an awesome day babe!

Robyn Kessler said...

Oh Man. So. So. So Sad we missed out on this cake. . .and Steve's party obviously.
We gotta do donuts and taqueria next week!