Thursday, July 30, 2009

The end of Federal

On Thursday, we said goodbye to the Kane's. The Kane's were our old neighbors when we lived in the loft on Federal Street. In fact, it was their apartment we took over. The Kane's are moving up to the Great Wet North (Oregon) to become farmers. We are sad to see them go.
Since the Kane's have left we don't have a tie to our old building or the Mendoza Parking space we always parked in during the weekends.
So as an homage to our old hood (and to the Kanes), we decided to do our old Coit Tower walk. Betsy got me up super early on Saturday and we drove over to Federal and parked in our usual spot. The weather was a bit brisk but we were excited about our goal. Breakfast sammies at the Ferry building!

As you can see, Betsy is very excited!
It was fun to walk our old route and visit all our old haunts. I hope we can still visit from time to time.

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Betsy said...

I'm just glad we got the Sadie Basil plant for our apartment. We will not let the Kane's down!!!