Friday, March 27, 2009

our new route

There is nothing that Betsy and I love to do early Saturday morning more than walking up hills. We used to go up to Coit tower at our old place and Saturday we decided to forge a new route.

Betsy wasn't that excited about walking...

Especially when I pointed out that we were going to climb the tallest hill in our neighborhood. The dreaded Turtle Hill via the 15th street steps. I almost lost Betsy and had to bribe her with scones at Arizmendi's afterwords.
Near our friends the McMillan's apartment, lie the 15th Avenue steps. These steps are a butt burner for sure.

I cramped up about halfway up and had to pull over to stretch.

On the other hand, Betsy had no trouble and beat me up to the top. Good work!

After the stairs you continue to climb to the top. I love this neighborhood and there are many beautiful houses on our route. Near the top of the summit is another flight of stairs. The crux of the walk.

The view from turtle hill is pretty amazing. You can see downtown and all of western San Francisco.

I took a photo of where we started from. The street to the left of the center of the photograph is 15th, the street we walked up. Also the Golden Gate Bridge is visible as well.
We also had to capture our sweaty selves on the top of the hill. Not our best looks. I think I need some makeup to cut back on my glow!
Tons of great views.
I love this photo.

Afterwords, we descended into the inner sunset for some hard earned breakfast. I love our new route and neighborhood.


Suzy said...

Great views! And Steve you know the Heywood girls all too well...we can always be bribed with food.

thechoulespauls said...

brave- very brave...