Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Saturday stroll!

This past Saturday, Betsy woke me up early to go for a walk. After much groaning and complaining I finally got up. I was glad I did. Such a beautiful day outside.

Our goal was Coit Tower. We walked from our house, down 2nd and then up Montgomery.
I was glad to be up and out at 8:30 am. The city has a different feel and sound early on a Saturday morning. Gone is the regular hustle and bustle of downtown. There are no people out and the streets are nice and quiet. We didn't have to dodge taxi cabs or the mob of people getting to work.

Our route took us by the famous Transamerica building. We stopped to take in the view and snap a few pictures.

Betsy used this time to do calisthenics....

and her impression of the Transamerica building.

I even loosened up my muscles...

After that we were pretty tired. Luckily we were close to Tom Cruises house so we decided to stop into crazy town...

After this point, Montgomery started to get steep.

But the view from the top was worth it.

I am always surprised to find another view of of the beautiful San Francisco skyline!

Almost there, but first we had to navigate the many stairs. Whew!

Gosh it was such a pretty day outside. I love this neighborhood. Also check out that Melastomataceae!

Seriously! So many steps to get to the top. To the left and right are some lucky people's front yards. I wonder if they have to climb these stairs with their groceries.

The view from the top was amazing! I could see my old house from here!

Also, spring flowers are finally coming out. I am so excited about that. I finally have some material for my other blog!

Unfortunately we had to go down the stairs. I was hungry and excited we were going to pass the ferry building. Saturday mornings at the ferry building are fun. There are so many yummy things for sale

Magnoliaceae was out in full bloom. These flowers are so pretty and photogenic.

These large flowers were the only thing on this tree. Nothing says spring like a large tree with light pink flowers.

Our friend Julia recommended these breakfast sandwiches from the Golden Gate Meat Company. They are exactly $5 and totally yummy. Eggs, bacon, and Cheddar cheese on a soft kaiser roll. So good! Seriously. I know there are tons of fruit and other snacks to eat but get one of these sandwiches!

Spring is in the air.

Everyone was out to enjoy the sunny Saturday. Even these fluffy dogs. They were so friendly. It is always nice to see large dogs in the city.

To take full advantage of the sunny day I decided to wash Betsy's car.

She never drives it anymore since she works five blocks away. Because it never moves, her car get bombed daily by birds. Sick!

Look at that shine! The birds better stay away.

What a perfect day. I love that Betsy made me get up early! Thanks babe!


Erica said...

love love love tulips and that other flower you wikipedia'ed. saturday was absolutely spectacular! glad you could reap in the city's views!

Betsy said...

Honey, this blog is not called plant porn.com...

Betsy said...

Also, those dogs were the size of polar bears.

Holly Janeen said...

love it. fabulous pictures...
you live a fabulous life!

k8 said...

i love your city so much.