Friday, April 25, 2008


Is this becoming a food blog? So be it.

I'm totally 100% absolutely completely in love with grapefruit.

It started a few months ago. I bought the most delicious grapefruit from Safeway and have eaten one just about every day since then. And I show no signs of slowing. To support my habit these days I have to buy them in bulk from Costco. I'm not sure what it is...I think it's the process of meticulously preparing them and then sprinkling them with Splenda. It's a healthy treat that I actually crave more than traditional "bad for you snacks." I think I must have food OCD. I do this...get really into one particular thing and then that's all I ever want.

I've done this with the following items:
1) Grapefruit
2) Thomas' Light Multi Grain English Muffins (AKA Muffs)
3) Udon noodle soup from Tomo Cafe in the basement of my work building
4) Fruit/Nut Energy Bar things from Whole Foods
5) Salt & Pepper flavored brown rice cakes
6) Spaghettios

I think what I'm trying to say is, I'm a freak.


amanda said...

A freak with good taste! :) Don't worry, I do it, too. Current obsession: grape tomatoes ... also from Costco.

Betsy said...

Did you read far enough to see where I admit to being addicted to Spaghettios?

Steve said...

Next step... cheerios from a baggy

amanda said...

I'm sure Spaghettios are a delicacy in some countries. Evan thinks so--he packed down an entire can in one sitting once. I went through a phase with Nissin Cup Noddles Hearty Chicken Flavor (no gross little peas and carrots in this one). I still have 1 in my cupboard that I can't bring myself to eat now. And don't dis the Cheerios from a baggy--they make a great church snack (but I wouldn't know from experience or anything). :)

Erica said...

food obsession = good. since sept 2007 smucker's peanut butter and granny smith apples. no other peant butter works. maybe that is the obsession and not the fact that i have to eat one of these every day!

Alice said...

I LOVE GRAPEFRUIT ALSO! I eat one each day even though if conflicts with my allergy medication...hmmmm....maybe that's why I've been sneezing a lot more lately. SPLENDA is BAD FOR YOU! I like to maticulously peal all of the membrane off before I eat it. or Broil it with brown sugar and a cherry in the middle Very delicious.

c said...

betsy, this could have been a post by me. i have been eating grapefruit by the dozen. they are so so good right now. i come home from the grocery store with at least 6 at a time. but i do not taint their natural deliciousness with splenda or other such nonsense! i eat them plain, as god intended. :)

Betsy said...

splenda is good for me.

V. said...

I still have a hard time with grapefruit. I bought four last week thinking, "This is good for me and I'll eat one everyday for breakfast."

Well, I haven't touched them since.