Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Airport Party

Have you heard all the news about airline delays and bankruptcy? Well last week on our vacation to Utah our plane was delayed. We were booked on Jet Blue from SFO and since this is a new service there is only one plane per day. Our plane was delayed 3 hours. Three hours! No notice, no warning, nothing. It was very frustrating. Luckily our friends Preston and Matt were on the same flight so time passed quickly. All of our SLC dinner plans were canceled.

Since there is only one Jet Blue flight we were able to see our plane come into the airport. For some reason the plane just sat there on the runway for 15 minutes.
Morale was low...
Planes were going in front of ours. Come on Jet Blue, this is San Francisco. Be aggressive.

Three hours late, we made it to Salt Lake City! We were tired and hungry and frustrated but were glad to be there.
Betsy will follow up with trip pictures I'm sure.


Senja said...

betsy, you are beautiful.
and you two are adorable together.

Erica said...

you guys look GREAT!

each of the two said...


but look how wicked cute Betsy's hair is!

Betsy said...

You're all so very kind. I must note that Preston is not just a great friend by my hair stylist as well. So if you love my hair, you love Preston by default.

Trip pics will be posted soon. Those are mostly pictures of cute people under the age of 10.