Sunday, January 4, 2009


Before Steve and I left town to spend Christmas in Utah, we had a holiday dinner with the McMillan's at our favorite restaurant in all the land...Pluto's. The McMillan's are so lucky because they live within walking distance of Pluto's!
The best part about Pluto's is that you take one of these cute little paper menus when you arrive. It's so convenient and clever.
Then you walk right up to the "chef" and tell him what you want on your salad. At this very moment Liz is asking for extra beets!
The food at Pluto's is so fantastic the McMillan's couldn't stop eating for even a second so I could take a picture of them.
Steve only wears his fanciest shirt to Pluto's out of respect.
As if you needed another reason to love Pluto's...bottomless soda!
After our meal we walked back to the McMillan's to indulge a little more on some leftover desserts they had in the fridge. The blueberry cheesecake was amazing and the tres leches cake was over the top. Both Steve and Jeremy did their Mexican heritage proud and enjoyed a piece of tres leches no problem. Liz and I did not fare so well and stuck to the cheesecake (the "lighter" of the two options if you can believe that).
All in all a perfect night of cuisine and friendship.


michelle said...

Pluto's is the best. We always loved it but it just got better when we recently discovered they have high chairs stashed in the back. And they offer rad kiddie foods too. Now AK loves it as much as Jared and I do.

Senja said...

lovely! :)
and betsy, you have a really beautiful smile!

Betsy said...

Wow, thank you! Pluto's definitely makes me smile. :)

Steve said...

Pluto's is the best. I wish we lived near one!

julia said...

ohhhh, i miss pluto's. best salads ever.