Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ghetto Friday

In honor of Shawn's 30th birthday Steve and I thought it appropriate to hijack the exclusive Grover/Kessler "Ghetto Monday" tradition of leaving San Francisco proper and heading to a suburban chain restaurant for dinner. You know what I'm talking about. Chili's. TGIF's. Chevy's. See, us city folk like to pretend those restaurants aren't cool enough when the truth is, we love them. And the only way we can continue to frequent the suburban chain restaurant is by pretending we're going as a joke.

Back to the birthday...because this night was all about Shawn we went to his favorite suburban chain restaurant, Red Robin (please turn up the volume on your computer when you click that link).

We started things off right with the tower-o-onion-rings.

Then it was onto the thing that put Red Robin on the map. "Burgers."
The birthday boy had the 5 Alarm with a veggie patty and a freckled lemonade.

Nate had the Wiskey River BBQ with a boca patty and Dr. Pepper.

Steve had the mushroom with a cow patty and diet coke.

Courtney had the Blue Ribbon with a veggie patty and water (no ice).

Betsy had the Blue Ribbon with a veggie patty and Diet Coke.

Robyn had the Wiskey River BBQ with a veggie patty and water (no ice).

I didn't realize Shawn knows all the servers at Red Robin! They sang happy birthday to him and brought him a sundae for free!

Apparently not impressed.



Erica said...

love the endless bucket of fries. hmmmm, haven't had those in months.

abeckstead said...

Happy Birthday Shawn. Looks like it was fun ... wish we'd been invited.

Shawn said...

It started out as a red robin trip and sort of became a two week late birthday "party". We wouldn't have left you out of anything official.

V. said...

I will admit, the freckle lemonade is a favorite of mine. Happy birthday Shawn!