Sunday, May 11, 2008

Perfect weekend

Our weekend started out with me surprising Betsy with dinner at the Salt House. She had no idea where we were going. I wanted to surprise her because she helped me so much this week with my defense and we did have our 6 month wedding anniversary last weekend (which we both forgot).
We started our meal with a crispy shrimp appetizer. So yummy.
I had the seared yellow fin tuna on a bed of fava beans and I forget what else... All I know is I felt like I was a guest judge on Top Chef.
Look how excited Betsy is! She had a grilled hanger steak on a fluffy pillow of potatos.

I personally liked her dish better which worked out because she liked mine better. So we ended up swapping.

The next morning we woke up and went for our normal walk to Coit tower. I love walking early in the morning. We have the entire city to ourselves. Inspired by Stephen and the smoke coming up out of the pot hole in the ground, Betsy decided to have a dance-off with herself.
Look how deserted Market Street is. So nice.
Downtown is completely different when no one is around. No people, no traffic, no noise. Just me and my wife walking around with her name on her jacket (nerd).
We also get to walk by many landmarks.
We also walk though the historic Jackson Square district.
The buildings in Jackson Square are all brick and historic looking.
As you can see our walk gets very steep. Water break usually happens when we get to these stairs.
Another historic district!
After we get up to the top of Coit tower (another landmark) we head down the Filbert Steps and head towards the Ferry building (landmark) for breakfast sandwichs. After shopping for flowers and other goodies, and after celebrity chef (we see this guy every week) sightings, we head home.

On our way home, we noticed our favorite spider sculpture was in jail for some unknown charges.
We then walk down the waterfront on our way home. I love the waterfront and I love running down it after work.
Our neighborhood was action packed this weekend. We had KFOG Kaboom and an afternoon Giants game. Luckily we have a scooter so we didn't have to move our cars. I felt sorry for everyone who was stuck in traffic. Public transportation folks.
I am also excited to report we live in a historic district.
Saturday night we went to a surprise birthday party for our friend Liz . I was so surprised that I forgot to take photos. We had a wonderful time. And we think Liz is 100% rad. When we got home the fireworks started and we had a great view from the roof deck. Well, almost perfect. The fog had rolled in!
I love our roof deck!
Today was Mothers Day. Betsy talked me into getting her a present, since she will be a future Mother. At first I scoffed but then I remembered Fathers day is just around the corner!
She loved her gift! I loved the weekend. And I love my wife. I can't wait for the next one!


Erica said...

happy weekend and day! congrats again on the defense and good work for being such a stinkin' cute husband!

each of the two said...

next one what? Can't wait for your next wife?

Oh steve, you jest!

Kitty said...

This is just about the cutest blog entry I've ever read!

bex said...

i think it is really big of you to not act all bitter about the fact that betsy and i were right about being able to see those fireworks from your roof.

Katie Elaine said...

You guys make me want to move there so bad. Oh yeah, and get married.

Betsy said...

This weekend was fun fun fun. Anytime we weren't out doing something, we were taking a nap.

Lizzy said...

100% rad? I think that's the best compliment I've every received. Thanks for helping so much to throw me that party. I was stunned! You are great friends. (and my mouth waters every time i hear mention of that breakfast sandwich)

Betsy said...

You're welcome Liz! It was so fun being accomplices in your big surprise!!!

pepper said...

Cutest couple ever!!

k8 said...

you guys are too much fun. how far is that walk to coit tower anyway??? it seems far from your apt but maybe i'm just dumb.

Ems said...

San Francisco looks awesome in the morning, why have I not been reading this blog?! now you are google readered.

Betsy said...

How did I miss that Em had a blog!? Hooray! And so lovely to see TWO, count 'em TWO Clifford's in the comments section.

You know, before we did the walk to Coit Tower I assumed it was really far but if we walk fast, we can make it from our front door to Coit Tower in about 20 minutes. It's being able to cut through the deserted downtown that helps. Next time you're visiting we'll do the traditional Santos Saturday morning adventure!

k8 said...

yay!!! i can't wait! and now that i have a brother and sister-in-law bound for the bay area i think you will have more clifford invasions then you could ever want ;)