Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We've been totally addicted to jigsaw puzzling lately. I know...maybe you think it's a pastime more fitting of an 80 year old couple but we love it. The McMillan's love it too which makes us feel a little less silly about our new passion. You know who hates puzzling? Shawn & Robyn (I think the pressure gets to them). Here's our latest endeavour. Steve has deemed it the "Hippie Puzzle" because the design is a little bit free-lovin, americana on acid. Turns out it's SUPER challenging.

I'd love to join an online social networking nerd site for people who love puzzles. Our last puzzle we posted about was 550 pieces and this one is 1000! Does anyone know the best place to buy puzzles?


Alice said...

You guys are funny. You should try a 3-D puzzle. And do this one


I think it's the coolest one.

Betsy said...

That clock thing is a puzzle? We're still honing our skills on the flat puzzles so we may have to hold off on the world of 3D for a bit.

Lee said...

I bet my woman and I would beat you in an elderly couple contest.

Last month, I hurt my back while we were in Portland and we had to spend the day sitting around her folks' house in a retirement community. While I sat reclined on a lazy boy watching 'the game' she was knitting. A few hours later, we went for a ride in a convertable Miata.
Welcome to geriatricity.