Friday, August 22, 2008

Hey, is that a stork?

Betsy called to tell me our new baby has arrived! I was so excited I raced over to the hospital (her work) to pick it up. It was kind of ugly and I wanted to give it back. Reluctantly, I took it home and put it on the desk.
Wait a minute... there's an outer layer.... OH CRAP! It's beautiful!!! How I love you. I am so sorry I called you ugly. Hurry home Betsy so we can play with it!
Also. I think we need a bigger desk!


Betsy said...

You know what they say...everyone thinks their own baby is the cutest. And ours definitely is.

amanda said...

I'm already getting a little teary-eyed for you ... and remembering the day our beautiful baby arrived.

bex said...

potty training is going to be a b. remember how you guys were such cute first parents and couldn't figure out how to turn the volume up?