Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Drive

Last Sunday we went for a drive in the McMillan's new Mazda 3. It's the cutest/coolest car ever. Someday when Steve and I live somewhere with a garage/driveway/parking spot, maybe we'll buy one of them. We decided to drive down the coast a bit to the tidepools in Montara. I think that's the city we were in.There was a group of seals on the beach just hanging out.
Liz, Jeremy and Steve sharing a quiet moment with the seals from afar. I actually think Steve and Jeremy were crying when I took this picture because it was so beautiful.


Steve said...

That was the misty fog rolling off our face, not tears

Erica said...

the tide pools was one of the last places i went before moving! glad you embraced the moment steve.