Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Utah Part II: Pizzeria 712

Another special Utah treat was visiting my brother-in-law's restaurant Pizzeria 712. This is maybe the third or fourth time We've eaten there since it opened last fall and every time we go I'm not only proud of what they're accomplishing with their vision and their menu but also how great they are at facing the demands and pressure of opening their own business . The service was amazing, everyone there...diners and staff alike were happy and enjoying themselves. They really have accomplished something special. If you're in Orem, UT, stop by and say hi to my brother-in-law Joseph or his business partner Colton!

Here's my sister Jennifer with Emma, Sophie and Jake. This place is like their second home!
So excited about the upcoming meal...The best part was Allie making friends with that guy behind her.Ryan (sans wakeboard) and Suzy.Totally not as tough as they seem.
The Pizzeria had new paintings by a very famous artist and I can't remember his name. I'm so embarassed. Anyone? Joseph? Can you tell us?
Something I can tell you about is the food. This is my new favorite appetizer. Corn roasted in their brick oven.
As delicious as it's always been...the tomato basil pizza. Joseph was so proud of that bubble on the crust. To me it looked yuck but apparently to trained, professional breadmakers, it's something to take pride in.
This was a summer special...corn, bacon, house made ricotta...once I had a piece of this I didn't want to share any.
By the time dessert arrived I was so very full but not too full to have one bite of every one they sent out.
This is Joseph, the one you say hi to when you go visit.
This picture does a good job showing the warmth of the space. Very neighborhood. We closed the place down.
Since we were the last people there we got the extra house made ciabatta! We made french toast for breakfast with it the next morning and even smuggled a loaf back to SF with us.
So now we're back in SF...dreaming of Pizzeria 712...but making do with our homemade Trader Joe's Pizza. Not bad at all...but not quite the same.


amanda said...

Looks like it was yummy and fun. Wish we could have come and visited with you guys. And that artist is Kershisnik (sp?).

Steve said...

We are much better than Joe at making pizza!

andi said...

The artist is Brian Kershisnik.

Janan said...

I am stalking from Pepper's Blog. We live in Orem and Pizzaria 712 just happens to be one of our most favorite places to eat. yum, now my mouth is watering.

Betsy said...

thanks for the info friends! and stalk away! we love new visitors on our blog! make sure to say hello to joseph!

cropstar said...

oh crap! i should NOT have looked at this post while i am already hungry and so far from utah. this looks SO good!!