Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Steve has a plant blog

If you know my husband you know that his true blog love is not Santos the Family but rather Plant Pollination. That's where he blogs about plants that he finds in the field and keys out in his books. Some people collect stamps, some people like cars...my husband loves plants and he loves Mother Earth. When we were at his parents the other weekend we found a cool flower that he has yet to key out on his blog so I'll do it here. Here is what you do to "key out" a plant.

First you observe the plant and scrutinize it's characteristics and then maybe even form a hypothesis in your big science brain about what family or genus it's from.
Then you take a picture with your camera on the plant setting so you can catch all the details.

Then you take a picture with a body part included for scaling purposes.Then you take pictures of an ordinary person interacting with the plant.

I kid...it's much more serious than my description. Stay tuned to Plant Pollination to see how it's really done.


Steve said...

um... it's called botanizing

Ems said...

hey steve, seriously what is that flower? my neighbor has some in front of her door and I think they are brilliant.