Thursday, October 30, 2008

Miles for Migraine

Our good friend Emily is a migraine researcher and is putting on a fabulous event called Miles for Migraine. She has been working hard to start a new non-profit organization to raise awareness and funds for migraine research. I had no idea it is the most common neurological disorder for women under 50 and can be completely debilitating. Migraine affects more than the number of people who are effected by asthma and diabetes combined and yet it gets less than a tenth of the money for research than either of those disorders. When migraine researchers pleaded their point with NIH-- NIH responded by saying that the public didn't care about migraine. This is a grass roots effort to show that we do care about it and want to do something about gaining more funding for migraine research.

Emily and her team are putting on a 5K and 10K race and 2 mile walk in Golden Gate Park on Dec 7 at 9 a.m. and would LOVE to have you there. Steve and I are registered! Spread the word and register here!


Ellen Schnakenberg said...

This is a great cause! Kudos to those putting this on.

I just happened on your site accidentally, but wanted to let you know that I am so impressed I'm going to post this date and the Miles for Migraine walk on the WEGO Health communities site. You can find it here

Thank you for this fabulous information!!

Ellen Schnakenberg
WEGO Health- Migraine
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MLE said...

Thanks for posting Betsy!!! It's going to fun and there are GREAT prizes-including video cameras and ipod shuffles and stuff.