Sunday, October 26, 2008


Remember when we all lived at home...close by each other? Remember when we use to watch Simpson's, X-Files and Twin Peaks at the Neil's every Sunday night and Greg's mom would make us treats? Remember when we all use to play Mario Tennis at my ghetto apartment every night until way past bedtime? Losing friends is a terrible thing but one small silver lining is remembering all the good times we've all shared together and with Zach when he was here. I'm so lucky to have such a great family, such great friends...old and new and now I feel so lucky to have such an amazing husband. I'm so blessed to have the life I do. And I'm also blessed to have a renewed perspective about what really matters.

Steve and I cut our Mexico trip a few days short to make it back for Zach's memorial service. It was such a beautiful experience to be there and reconnect with his family and lots and lots of old friends.

Zach's sisters Haley and Tiffany...adorable as ever and so great to catch up with them.

After all the services and gatherings had ended, a few of us went back to Dave's house and hung out...just like old times. His parents were out of town and everything. One thing we'll all remember about Zach is his love of Taco Bravo. We use to tease him that the gross lady behind the walk up window with the mustache, greasy hair and a mole was in love with him (in the end, Asia won out). We all decided what better way to end the day than a meal together at Taco Bravo. It was just like old times (plus a couple of spouses and one baby).

I found this picture of Zach when I was looking through all my old stuff...a majority of my pictures of Zach pre-dated the digital era but I thought this one of him and my nephew Jacob about 7 years ago was particularly touching and I thought I'd share it. It's how I'll remember him.

You can read more about Zach on Dave's blog here.


Lee said...

This was a good post, Betsy S.

Betsy said...

Thanks Lee T. D.

Whit and Steve said...

Bets!! How are you?? I'm glad to be united in the blog world too!! yeah, it's crazy to think that I'm going to have a baby soon... at least I hope it's soon... You look GREAT!! Keep in touch!!

April said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. Big hugs.

Sheila - mom said...

Betsy, Thanks for your beautiful words about Zach and sharing your memories. Please keep in touch, we love you and your family.

Jeff said...

That was a nice post Betsy. He was a good friend, and although its been along time since I've seen him, I miss him a lot.