Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vegas, Baby!

You may remember that my puzzling posse and I thought we were so bad (rad) that we'd have no problem with a 2000 piece puzzle of the Vegas skyline titled "Vegas, Baby!" Well, it posed a bigger challenge than we ever thought. It took us over two months...sometimes we'd take a week or two off but we basically worked on it a night, maybe two each week. It was slow going and I was getting tired of not having a dining room table anymore so last Monday we had the whole posse over and the goal was completion. Liz & Jeremy brought crepe batter and turns out Jeremy could be a short order cook at the busiest diner if his PT career ever gets boring.

Jeremy manning TWO crepe pans at the same time.

Emily, Liz & Shawn, all hardcore puzzle posse members.

We also celebrated Robyn's long past birthday. As one of her presents Steve gave up his favorite red rolly chair.

Steve is getting so good at puzzling (be proud honey) that he can do it up-side-down.

Unfortunately we didn't finish...I was heartbroken...Liz & Jeremy even stayed til 11:30pm but it was all in vain.

BUT...I'm happy to report that Steve and I finished (minus the two lost pieces!!!!)! In your face Vegas, Baby and your 2,000 (two thousand) pieces! You're finished! It's been a long, long, long road to get here:

Steve only does puzzles so he can destroy them, watch this!

Puzzling is officially on hiatus until at least Christmastime.


Steve said...

I love crepes and destruction!

Ems said...

wow this makes me tear up a little, congratulations!

Lizzy said...

I'm totally getting choked up...I may have to go home from work. It's been a good ride, guys.

Betsy said...

Girls, girls! No sadness here...there will be other puzzles. Hopefully ones with kittens wearing santa hats and cute little jingle bell collars.

Allie said...

oh my guys crack me up!!! we need to hang out - did you forget about us? Is it because we are not married...and don't know how to do puzzles?

amyandseth said...

that takes a lot of patience....very admirable. I gave up on puzzles when I was 10 and I couldn't find the second piece that would fit my first piece. that shows my patience