Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it was our anniversary!

I guess I should get use to it. My birthday and our wedding anniversary being lumped together. I was the one that okay'd a wedding day two days after my birthday. So for the rest of my life these two great events will be connected which is just fine with me. A couple weekends ago we went to visit Steve's parents in the east bay and his mom had made the most thoughtful, adorable cake I'd ever seen. It was half birthday (complete with candles) and half anniversary! Steve's parents are so cute.Steve and I are a little bit oblivious to anniversary's and things like that. We didn't even realize when we opened up this gift from his parents that the first wedding anniversary is the "paper" anniversary.

Steve did break his "no roses" rule for the occasion and bought me a dozen red roses. Apparently roses are some man-made mockery of flowers and he usually prefers not to support the rose cause.
Happy anniversary!


Steve said...

you know you love the combo gift, don't lie!

Astrid said...

Grattis! Congratulations! It's crazy that it's already been a year, it seems like it was just yesterday. You look so beautiful.

Senja said...

congratulations!! :) amazing how fast a year goes by!

amanda said...

I love the TP! How clever of them. Congratulations (can't believe it's been a year!!!)!