Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Phantom Planet

It was Rebecca's birthday on Sunday so last night, we took her to dinner and she took us to the theater! In case you've been living under a rock, then you might not know Rebecca and I lived together for nearly four years before Steve and I were married. And the entire four years we lived about three blocks from a restaurant called rnm which we finally tried last night. rnm is on the corner of Haight and Steiner and has these really dark curtains that shield the inside from the outside to anyone passing by. It looks mysterious and hip and cool. And it was hip and cool. Circa 2000. It just felt a little dated. There were cool things but in a city where things go out of style in a matter of moments, this place just felt like it's hay-day had passed. This was confirmed when Rebecca excused herself to use the restroom and noted that all the news and review articles posted on the wall were from the early 2000's. Anyway, it wasn't horrible but it wasn't my favorite meal ever. They did have this upside down Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling which was nice and festive.
Steve and I had their "famous" mini-sliders. They were okay but I was sad that the fries were fat fries. I hate fat fries. I could tell they were from a frozen bag of fries.
Without a moment to spare we all hopped on our scooters and sped downtown to catch the preview night of Phantom of the Opera!
Steve had never seen it before but Rebecca and I had both seen it as teeny-boppers. Let me just say it was AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC!!! Rebecca and I agreed that we've always known the story and the music but seeing it as a 14 year old, you just didn't really grasp the tragic tale very well. So last night we were both blown away by the twisted sad love story that also has it's share of cool stage trickery and humor. The other thing I'd forgotten about this musical is that there is no faking those amazing voices. I was in awe. Our Phantom was especially magnificent.

Rebecca and Steve trying out their 2009 Halloween costumes.

Thanks for having a birthday roommate!


Steve said...

What a great night! Thanks again Rebecca, Just like old times.

Also, when Betsy eats sliders, she looks like Waldo of Where's Waldo Fame.

Betsy said...

Don't make fun of my awesome face.

April said...

Fat fries? Hm, I like thick steak fries, the kind with a little skin still on. Is that what you mean?

I know every song but at 30 years old still have not actually seen the Phantom of the Opera!