Monday, December 1, 2008

Wedded Bliss

We flew down to Los Angeles a couple weekends ago to attend the wedding of our good friend Keith Paugh.

We flew on Virgin Airlines. Have you ever flown on Virgin Airlines? We hadn't but the price was right so we took the opportunity to experience it for ourselves. It was sort of ridiculous (awesome). First of all, you can chat with anyone on the plane you want! So for all you single folk out there, when you're getting on your flight and see a hot guy or girl, just take note of their seat # and then send them a little message mid-flight.
If you forget your ipod and headphones you can buy a new hot pink pair for $2.
In addition to Direct TV you can also play video games at your seat w/your personal remote control. One side is a TV remote, the other side is the video game controller.
Also, the safety video is a cartoon.
Also, disco lighting.
Our host for the night was Dave. Here we are at Swingers. I think that's what it was called. And I think Rebecca went there on her Keith Wedding LA weekend. I unfortunately didn't get a picture of Melissa but Dave let me, Steve, Melissa & Steve sleep over. It was a fantastic slumber party complete with Carrow's breakfast the following morning.
But after Swingers and before Carrow's there was wedding fun.
Jed and Shannon were there from San Diego.
Roommates reunited.
Friends reunited.
The Heron table was especially fantastic.
We only drank our beverages in this fancy manner.
It was such a great night and we're so thrilled for Keith & Leslie!


Alice said...

I hear Virgin is great. Too bad it was such a short flight for you. I also love how on this post you have no photos of Keith and Leslie.

Betsy said...

Except the first picture?

k8 said...

ugh, i'm sick that i wasn't at this wedding.

but it looks like your dress was totally fab-i love those ruffles!!!!