Monday, February 2, 2009

The Superbowl

This past Sunday we decided to have a Superbowl party. Around Thanksgiving we were shopping at Lucky and we got a free turkey. Just for doing our weekly shopping. The bird has been in the freezer for months so in our effort to purge things we don't use, we decided a super game deserved a super bird.
We also invited friends. Sometimes they dress like us.

Pat and Lindsy brought little coop. Although he is too small to eat bird, he still managed to have a good time.

We had quite a spread, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, salad, football shaped rice crispy treat. Betsy went all out with football themed plates. She means business.
that is until she opens a puzzle and starts working on it. Come on!!

thank goodness Rebecca and Emily came over with 3-D glasses for everyone. I had no idea we needed them. That Rebecca, so in the know.
But the main attraction for some was the halftime show by the Boss. No one was more excited than our friend Andy "the Boss" Kane.
Bruce put on a good show
but who is that pirate with him?
Mostly everyone at the party was there for the food and commercials, except Shawn and myself. Shawn didn't leave his seat the entire game.

The game was exciting up until the last moments. What a nail biter. I was excited the Steelers came out on top.


bex said...

i love that photo with everyone wearing 3-D glasses, except it looks like Pat is cheating.

k8 said...

ahaha, that whole halftime show I kept thinking "i be Andy kane is LOVING this."

Betsy said...

pat is totally cheating.

and katie you're so right on. andy arrived dressed up as the boss himself. he also brought framed album covers and placed them near our entertainment center to pay respect.

Lee said...

Go football.