Saturday, March 21, 2009

The new phone

Yes it's true. Betsy traded in her old phone for a new iPhone. Here is a photo of her old junky phone which was state of the art a few years ago. I used to be jealous.
Her phone is ghetto because Betsy dropped it and the back doesn't stay on. Also no touch screen and no music capability. Lame.
Yesterday I jumped on the train and met Betsy at her work. Since we're now a family we're signing up for a family plan! I had to be there since I'm the head of the family. Here is Betsy looking excited and a bit confused at all the new technology she will soon have in her purse.

After a few short minutes Betsy had her phone. Yeah apps!
We jumped back on the train to go home but jumped off in Cole Valley to eat at Burger Meister. There is nothing better than pairing new technology with ground beef and cheese! However, I was very frustrated that Betsy didn't break out her phone and play with it. She wanted to wait till she was home.

I guess she wanted clean grease-free hands! I don't know how she could wait. We did get home and play around with her new phone and I gave her a quick lesson. I am sure she is going to love it! Go Betsy!

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Betsy said...

How quickly we forget how totally dope that Blackberry Pearl was when I bought it two years ago. People coveted. 'Twas not ghetto then.