Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Wii

For Christmas, I got Betsy a Wii. Turns out, her present was also mine. We love it. I love the boxing game that comes with the system. Betsy loves playing Mario Cart. The Wii is best played in groups of people. That's why we invite our friends over whenever possible. The McMillans always take us up on it.

I think Liz's favorite game is making Mii's. Not only did she make one for herself but she made one for everyone we know. I think she even told us that she lays awake at night and thinks about what feature changes might improve the Mii's she's made. Jeremy rocks the tennis game. Too bad they don't have a surfing game (or maybe they do?).

Betsy took some footage of us in action. Check it out. Also, come over and play. But not at the house in the video. That's only going to be our house for another week. You'll need to come to our new house.


amyandseth said...

we got a wii boxing! I got beat several times by my hubby. Of course, I tell them, that's because I have a big belly and I can't move as fast! Have fun in your new house. We'll miss you here

julia said...

that's rad. the next time i'm home i want to come play! we don't have one but i really really want one. last wk when i was home i was sick the whole time...pregnancy blah blah. i wanted to come visit! let's hang out this summer.