Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien debuted on Monday night and since Steve and I are apparently 80 yrs. old and go to bed at 9pm, we recorded it to watch at a more reasonable hour. We decided to watch last night during dinner and after the opening credits rolled, the camera was panning the crowd and Eagle-Eye Santos (aka Steve) screamed like a little girl and said "there's Dave!" So we hit the back button and re-watched and sure enough, we were certain our good pal Dave Thompson was there for the first taping of the new Tonight Show! Steve and I were a bit jealous b/c you might remember that Conan O'Brien is one of our best friends.
Here's what made Steve scream with delight:

I immediately texted Dave and said "we just saw you in the audience on Conan!" He immediately texted me back and let us know that he was actually in Hawaii at the time. He even sent us a pic of him at a luau as proof.

But he agreed that we'd definitely found his doppelganger. Here's another shot of Dave so you can grasp how much they look alike.


Steve said...

for the record I screamed like a pre-teen girl at a Jonas Brothers concert!

Tannerama said...

I love how sad/angry/frowny Dave looks even while drinking something that is no doubt fruity and delicious from a pineapple at a luau.

sierra said...

my husband and i also are in our 30s going on 80, we go to bed at 9pm AND we watched monday's conan last night during dinner!

Suzy said...

THAT IS CRAZY!! I still think it's Dave. He's lying.

Betsy said...

I think he might be lying too. He could've got that drink in Culver City.