Sunday, October 18, 2009


Our good friend Damian was in town with his brother Brandon at the Alternative Press Expo over in SOMA. A couple of their illustrators couldn't make it out to SF (from SLC) so they offered Steve and I their passes.
Brandon and Damian manning their booth. Brandon writes and illustrates a comic called Green Monk.

Steve and I sporting our fancy exhibitor passes. I didn't really feel worthy.

We also ran into one of our best friends Brian Andersen representing his So Super Duper comics.

I never would have ended up at APE if we hadn't had free tickets which I know is horrible but it's the truth. Turns out it wasn't just for comic book geeks, it was a place for artists to really showcase their work. Very cool and we came home with Brandon's comic, Brian's comic and two really cool prints for our apt.


Brandon said...

Thanks for visit, the brownies and driving us around town. Hopefully we can do it again soon!

Betsy said...

Absolutely! We'll have to hang out in your hood over the holidays!