Sunday, October 4, 2009

Date Night

We have deemed Friday night our date night. We typically spend pretty much every night together but decided we needed to do something special at least once a week. Seems easy enough but life is so busy sometimes weeks slip by and we feel like all we've done is work and study. Steve planned our first one last Friday and he did an AMAZING job! He met me at my office at 5pm sharp. We left my building near 1st & Market and started walking down Market towards Powell. I had no idea what he had planned then it dawned on me...I've never been on a cable car before in my entire life. Nearly 35 years in the Bay Area has produced exactly zero cable car rides for me. Sure enough, we ended up on this baby and I was stoked (extra stoked because we didn't have to pay the $5 each for the ride b/c we had my September & October Muni passes...there is a three day grace period each month where you can use the prior month's pass...blah blah blah...we're cheapskates).

Steve informed me that if you're cool, you stand up and hang out the side.
I was nervous but managed to pose for a picture.
Then I started to relax. The views and the weather were perfect.
Then we started to head down a really steep steep steep hill (I promise it was steep) and I got a little nervous.
So instead of posing for pictures I decided to concentrate and hold on with two hands.
Steve was very relaxed the entire time.
You get kicked off the cable car right at Ghiradelli Square so we decided to pick up In N Out burgers and eat them by the water at Aquatic Park. Smarty pants Steve had even ridden our scooter over to Aquatic Park, parked it, and then took the F Street car to my office. Sneaky. So after dinner we hopped on and made it home in no time.
I was so freezing while I was eating those fries.
I love this guy.


Alex said...

Masterful date planning, Steve. Well done.

Alice said...

That's so cute. When we were younger my mom would take us to the city and we'd just hop on when the cable car was going up the hill an we never paid. Savor those date nights we haven't had one away from home in months.

amyandseth said...

what a nice guy, steve. Betsey I can't believe you haven't been on a trolley! Glad you fun on it. I think of rice roni every time I see trolley.

Suzy said...

What a fun night! Date night is such a great idea. Ryan and I have date night every Thursday and it is a good way to break up the ordinary stay-at-home nights!

Bryan and Sarah said...

That looks like such a fun date! Your husband is so awesome to plan something so fun!