Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Betsy!!!

Today is Betsy's birthday. She started her life in Sunnyvale but now resides in San Francisco. Here are some random observations and/or facts about her in no particular order.

Betsy once went to preschool. Here she is on the right.
When I met Betsy she had brown hair. She is a natural blond but likes to mix it up every now and again.
Betsy likes to climb hills here in SF and ponder life.
Betsy suns in the shade due to her whiteness
Betsy loves to pose in restaurants. She often makes everyone take a photo of themselves at said restaurants.
Betsy loves lakes.
Betsy's biggest fear is running into a panther in the woods.
Stretching is Betsy's number one rule.
Betsy has a nice power walk.
Betsy is always safety first.
Betsy is the best driver in the world. She likes to snarl at traffic.
Betsy's parents are Ernie and Sue. They love to road trip and visit us.
Betsy always makes goofy faces.
Betsy often likes to take photos of herself when she is driving. Luckily this is not against the law yet in California.
Betsy's family is large. She is number 8 of 9 siblings. Also nieces and nephews.
Betsy always has the best travel accessories.
Betsy is concerned about the issues.
Betsy's birthday is on Halloween which means she often gets carved pumpkins and snack sized candy for presents.
Betsy loves to hang out with famous people.

Betsy likes to experiment with food.Betsy likes to camp as long as there is a shower nearby.
Betsy looks so nice in the woods!
Betsy pretends to like flowers because I like flowers. Here she is once again faking it.
Again with the experimentation.
Betsy loves to pose with fancy electronics.
Betsy is an excellent baker. I love her sweet treats.
I married Betsy on November 2nd, 2007, and she hasn't stopped making me laugh since. Thanks babe for all the fun we have and I hope you have a very happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Babe!


corinne said...

Betsy and Steve both win with this post! Happy Birthday Betsy. I want to know... which little girl is Betsy in the first pic?

michelle said...


Suzy said...

Best post ever!! Happy Birthday Bets, hope it's a great day :) And I love how you tan in the shade.

Lizzy said...

We love you Betsy!

Kylie said...

So great! Happy Birthday to you Betsy!

k8 said...

that wedding photo is still one of my all time faves. Happy Birthday Betsy-love your guts!

thechoulespauls said...

Betsy has the best husband!