Thursday, June 24, 2010

East Bay Redwood Adventure

This past weekend I woke Betsy up really early to go for a hike. Since we don't have a Golden Gate Park next to us we had to go to Redwood Regional Park instead. We decided to do a quick 4 miler. Our hike was a combination of about 4 different trails to form a loop. Our loop brought us close to the majestic beauty of the Sequoia sempervirens, more commonly known as coast redwood.
Betsy was once again delighted to showcase her belly in nature (not like she has much choice...look at the size of that thing!).
I was equally excited and hugged a tree. That's just what Humboldt State graduates do.

Once again Betsy displayed her patented tightrope technique for hiking down the steep sections. She did very well and didn't slip or fall. The tightrope technique never fails. Well, it actually almost failed once so we bought her some hiking shoes the next day at Sports Basement to prevent future near falls in her running shoes.
I really enjoy the fern understory which is characteristic in this type of ecosystem.
Betsy is a good sport and puts up with my science lectures but I think she'd have to admit that even she was starting to feel the strong bond with nature that one often feels while immersed in a redwood grove. She told me she really felt a connection with the baby and felt One with Mother Earth (OK, I'm making this part up...a guy can dream). We did also notice some fauna, a banana slug. This is about the time Betsy lost said connection with Mother Earth.
After a while we left the forest and moved into an Oak/Chaparral mixed ecosystem. There is a thicker understory of shrubs and small trees. I was excited. I mean, wow.
I decided to try out Betsy's tightrope technique for myself on an uphill section. I did feel a bit more secure. Good technique, Betsy.
When we reached the top of the hill, Betsy was pooped and we decided to rest on one of the many benches on the trail. Apparently her belly was sore but I think we really stopped so she could try and regain her connection with mother nature.
Betsy looks so cute pregnant. I love her belly. Of course this photo would have been better if I had remembered to bring my camera. The iPhone camera isn't a bad sub.
I'm excited Betsy and I found this hike. We love to get up early on Saturday and go for a stroll. Usually when we are done we get breakfast at a cute cafe and relax. We decided to get morning buns at La Farine on College. So good. The sun even came out.

I can't wait to go back and try another loop.


Suzy said...

Looks like an awesome hike! And you're belly is getting BIG! Love that belly! Along with the cute big belly comes some quite large feeding oh my! ;)

Betsy said...

Feeding components? Nice.

Suzy said...

FUN BAGS!! (As Ryan puts it)

Betsy said...